Make The Best Of The Corners In Your Room: 11 Ideas For Quick Renovation At Home

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quick renovation at home painting wall Gallery living room

Make the most of the corners in your room: 11 ideas for quick refactoring

Show your personality and give a few surprising and beautiful focus your design

Have about looking a little time travel? We go back to the year 1978. You remember the movie grease? Then Newton and John Travolta with their fancy surprised look have us Olivia. Was the effect your opinion on what details? It involved the black jacket with red lines, their relaxed hair and red lipstick?

What made her so memorable, so different?

I often think about such details in the design of the rooms. Even in the most traditional places, there’s a bit of room for a nice surprise. The failed appear loose and free leave a room moments. Fold beautifully just then, if one neglects the rule only a little bit.

Sometimes there are travelers out details in the design. They are waiting to be highlighted. In other cases, you can add a few small touches. In my opinion, you should easily reach the perfect blend.

I’ve put together a few tips for you in this sense:

Exposed brick walls

quick renovation home brick wall clock classic living room

Those are found in many Studio and rooftop apartments. Necessarily they should take it into consideration before you paint everything.

For example the very rustic-looking brick walls with plaster or cement in between for me.

You could create a central location next to the fireplace firewood – for the storage of wood

modern living room wood wall mounting fireplace lounge armchair black

Build this up and make it a bit wooden. So, treat the wood pile as an art installation.

This is a practical solution with a high value with respect to the warm radiance of the area.

Protruding pipes

quick renovation home brick wall clock shower corner

The tube must be hidden in the wall. Part of this may be visible. Paired with rustic or modern surfaces, this solution has a captivating effect.

A fancy sink

quick renovation home bathroom mirror bathroom sink

So, if there is a sink like this on the screen would be perfect for a bathroom with limited space. You break the rule, which will be determined mainly by the angular and rounded forms. Your sink is also very handy and saves lots of space.

Black and white photographs

quick renovation home transition floor chest of drawers pictures wall

Do you have space for works of art and in consistent places? Consider the variant with the representation of some black and white photographs. The oversized images contribute to a personal appearance even in the most traditional spaces.

You can apply stainless steel – it in many places in your home

quick renovation home kitchen worktop flush

From this material surfaces, tabletops, furniture or shelving can be made. The working surfaces made of stainless steel are very practical and provide added value in the apartment.

Black doors

quick renovation home stair railing wood white

Provide for more drama in your home by you paint some of the doors in black. Not all trim and housing must be white. Combine the Black Interior with white trim or vice versa!

Get rid of the door of your bathroom!

quick renovation home bathroom yellow items

The glass doors of the showers are very expensive. It is simply bad most people whose prices in the view. With an extravagant and chic look can be reached through the renunciation.

Yes there are maybe a few disadvantages such as that the heat not maintained. But many people feel more comfortable without the glass door and this you must not permanently remove the dirt from the corners.

Mix different styles

quick renovation home desk drawers classic

Looking for a definitely failed eklektishcen look? Then brave mix the colours and styles. In our case, it has combined a traditional, French-looking portrait with a whimsical Chair.

They work perfectly together, can’t find you?

Old fashioned leather

quick renovation at home painting wall Gallery living room

This style had fallen out and will stay like this forever. Do you want to invest too much? Certainly affordable solutions in eBay or other places can be found. This type of furniture look always nice.

Black is dramatic and Red has strength. The combination has been just great. Just like the black jacket with a red strip of sandy from the movie…

Red and black

quick renovation home lamp shade table chairs

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