Mediterranean Elegance In The Home – Fabulous Design Ideas

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Mediterranean elegance In the home stunning colorful tile

Mediterranean elegance in the home – fabulous design ideas

Enjoy the casual style and romance of the Mediterranean accents and lighting through colors, textures, classic

The Mediterranean idea includes houses on the coast, shiny turquoise blue waters, Sun-drenched days and lively evening glow. The casual elegance of the area has stunning homes reflects. This style is characterized with casual, rustic textures and surfaces in classic European lines and shapes.

Easy-care materials, earthly, but bold colors, accents with rich daylight accentuate the not exaggerated luxury of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean elegance In the home travertine white columns

Have to love these classic and loose style? Bring Mediterranean elegance in your home by these seven support elements.

Color. The colors of the Mediterranean theme can be alive and earthly. Bold gem yellow are hues such as eggplant, Emerald, Lapis blue and sunflower against backgrounds in earthly colours, to represent the natural shades of the area.

Get out this look: If you are afraid to paint the walls in an intense color, they focus on accents. The classic Mediterranean houses have bright, earth walls with works of art, fabrics and materials in bright colors. Paint a canvas in a bold color or frame you on their popular fabrics for this gem-colored brilliance.

Moroccan patterns on tiles and textiles are indispensable in Mediterranean institution

Mediterranean elegance In the House staircase with beautiful ornaments tiles

Wall textures. Textured, plastered walls are common for the Mediterranean houses. The surfaces are either soft and fine (such as Veneto gypsum) or heavily textured and coarse.Get out this look: the collected textures can be a challenge for you and could request an experienced hand.

But if you are willing to try, you can imitate this look with sand or coffee grounds in the coatings

Mediterranean elegance In the home masterful wood carving

Floor. The classic Mediterranean floors are tiled, appreciated for your easy to maintain, good endurance in cold temperatures. The mostly used Terra cotta, in luxury houses were moved more limestone and marble. Hand-painted tiles bring color as border tiles in this classic interiors.

Get out this look: try out with hand-painted border tiles or terra cotta to around the room, the stairs or framed on a wall. A low-cost solution would be for some tiles at the entrance or in the path out.

Delicate floral ornaments on the ceiling and claw foot bathtub

Mediterranean elegance In the home free-standing bathtub terracotta floor tiles

Furniture. The furniture style was often big, robust, rustic and hand-cut according to this design. The upholstery was often made of leather or tapestry along exposed wood-cut elements.

Get out this look: you are looking for rustic or worn pieces of furniture in a classic European form. If larger pieces out of your budget, you try with smaller accent pieces – input table or Chair.

Rustic wood mirror, cut boxes or small stool can also contribute to the look

Mediterranean elegance In the home of Cetonia mirror frame with Rocaillen

Substances. Cotton, wool, and silk fabrics decorate each room in a Mediterranean House. Elegant curtains, cushions and carpets woven have been made sometimes heavier materials, to imitate the tapestry look.

Get out this look: buy a few meters from a heavy pressed tapestry-inspired fabric for hanging on the wall. It is a very simple project.

Floor tiles made of marble and elegant, shiny gold curtains

Mediterranean elegance In the home filigree wrought iron ornaments on the stair railing

Iron. Wrought iron can be used as a simple accessory like lamp holder, candelabra and chandeliers, or in larger architectural elements. The elaborate fittings work was often used.

Get out this look: hardware are a low-cost way to integrate this material into your home. Looking for door handles, Cabinet handles and hinges made of iron in mittelmeerischem design in.

If your budget is very low, then buy an iron spray with wrought iron finish and inject your existing items idea of cornerstone of architects

Mediterranean elegance In the home terracotta paving and wrought iron door

Bright and easy. Mediterranean houses enjoy always ample daylight of the area. These houses would be not complete without many large Windows, window decorations, and constant sea breezes.

Get out this look: use lighter shades, glossy surfaces and mirrors, to reflect existing light.

Allow as much light into your home to come in

Mediterranean elegance In the home based niche and built-in cabinets

White and cream – soft, pleasant lighting

Mediterranean elegance In the home nautical ambience patterned pillows

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