Metal And Wood Belonging To Together In The Interior Design

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interior design greater glass divider privacy screen

Extraordinary design ideas

You remember the snowflakes from paper, which you have created as a child? You have folded a piece of paper in square and cut jagged shapes from it. If you have made that up, a surprisingly beautiful shape will showed in front of you.

The comparison of positive and negative space caused a dramatic interaction between solid and transparent, open and closed. While the paper snowflake have embellished your classroom, an adult form of this in the architecture of your House can be used. Staircase, outer shell, ceilings and doors are only some few elements in which you could incorporate these cut out shapes beautifully.

Bold or unrobust, large or small, ready made or made to measure, the selection of samples is very large.

Metal and wood can be anywhere in the interior design in use

metal and wood combine design

Metal and wood belong to mostly use the materials, and the patterns are integrated in it through various methods.

You can punch the metal Rails by using prefabricated patterns in standard sizes. This is the so-called die-cut. Water jet and laser cutting are other possible methods, which work quite differently. The prices vary, because it depends on here by the material, which thickness, design and adaptability can be different.

Outer sheet

The contemporary exterior sheet metal that was shown here was created by the firm of COR-ten. It’s a weathered steel alloy, which contributes for a rusty fad, if it is the external conditions. The playful water jet cut circular patterns were attached in turn to panels and this soft stainless steel tubes. The levels of porosity and the change in private have completely changed the House, where it has based on the needs of people.

Outer sheet

window with metal and wooden decoration

Here we have another example of external sheet, architects created by Aamodt/Plumb. It consists of thin aluminum plates, which ensures a very figurative appearance of this Beachhause.

To make wasserstrahgeschnittene pattern, the architects have with the international graphic designers TwoPoints and Kansas City, Missouri, and the manufacturers of A. Zahner & company worked.

Plumb said that aluminium in usage came because it fits well with the coastal atmosphere. This material is also fairly inexpensive.


Mashrabiya screens are known from Central Asia and used there since the middle ages. Here we have highly decorative lattice work to do with, producing many geometric shapes. Traditionally they are created from wood or wrought iron and to install it on Windows, so that at the same time to filter the light and provide for the protection of the private sector.

Mashrabiya inspired staircase

stair design design metal and wood

Here we see a Mashrabiya inspired staircase. It separates the stairs from the rest of the House. He also serves as a Visual barrier and yet it effectively ensures openness. The complex geometric patterns work provides a swivel and pivot of the otherwise restricted space.

Staircase with flower pattern

spiral staircase interior design metal wood

The water jet cut floral pattern in the free-standing area of this lively staircase here stands in contrast to the railings from the previous example dar.

Transparent stairs with metal and wood

modern staircase with metal and wood

This transparent element of the interior design here includes prefabricated stainless steel fencing constructions and ensures a sublime apparition. John DeForest in DeForest architects says that the biggest challenge is the determination of the right amount of fabric.

Door design

partition wall design ideas wood and metal


These sliding doors of the designer Richard Ziegler architects are structural as the standard wooden doors and interesting in my opinion. They were created from pre-fabricated laser cut panels of the company Richelieu hardware.

Garage door design in metal and wood

design ideas House garage building

The linear perforated design of the stainless steel garage door constitutes the landmark of the neighbourhood from this House. The holes in the garage set the light and making an animated theatrical presentation.

Wall screen made of metal and wood

interior design ideas of metal and wood

Wall screens

Open floor plans can sometimes bland and nothing be saying. You can separate the different areas by battles. This one kept the smooth transition between them.

In this example, Saadmansouf architect brought a prefabricated stainless steel construction in usage. The Archiutekt Mahdad Saadmansouf like in the most easy-care character of stainless steel. But be careful, because the mesh panels to wavy can be, if the area is too large.

Fence design ideas

fence design ideas plants garden

In contrast to the typical chain link of the wooden fence, this fence made of low-carbon steel was created. He shows bizarre perforated cutouts in the shape of birds.

Fireplace design ideas

fireplace design ideas, wooden and metal

Fireplaces with metal and wood

Here we see a design of the company Antonio Martins interior design. It has used the talent of Profab metal designs and they brought hot-rolled steel products in use. Three rows of linear perforations of the front of the party Office serve as a small sized ornamentation.

Iron braid under the glass

decorative furnishing ideas wood flooring glass


Forget not the floor! Peace design has installed thin glass panels and large iron fencing in this House in Montana. They serve as a rustic sky lights, which illuminate the cellar below.

Bar grating

interesting ceiling beams metal elements

At the same time, this converted barn shows designed to bar grille, which serves as a bridge to the next floor. It is very repetitive, the pattern not exaggerated, but in harmony with the wooden structures.

Make decorative ceiling

figures top few levels with ornaments


This suspended ceiling consists of series of boxes from Koto wood. The accidental perforation of wood panels ensures audible and diffuse lighting, which meets the needs of the entire region.

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