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Metod kitchens IKEA Pink White

Metod kitchens and what you can do

What fascinates us at IKEA, are mainly the ideas. Because after many years and great, recognized solutions for every home the IKEA Designer do not intend obviously to take too seriously.

Whose products repeatedly demonstrate that. They do it by subordinate still the creativity of the people. The Metod cuisine is a unique modular system, from which you can do much. The variations that are possible in this regard, appear to be endless.

The various challenges for the integration of the Metod kitchens

Metod kitchen staircase

Think of the greatest challenge, which connect to the Metod kitchen. Have about a plank that would be used for the design of your kitchen. Must the entire facility be accommodated within a staircase in perhaps?

What else can be the case…

Maybe you are interested in kitchen the Metod, because you want to cook like your winter terrace. Where you not more would come without custom-made furniture there, so many different situations. But that’s the past. Now it seems that also the IKEA in this respect can be helpful. This man has developed there such great possibilities in terms of design, that you virtually no arguments for buying an expensive, to bespoke cuisine can be found.

The Metod planning kitchen

Metod kitchens IKEA wood black

Think first, where you prefer to cook. It is also linked to what other practical actions? Like maybe organize friend meetings and parties, social gatherings, where people sit together, drink wine and enjoy small treats together?

Do you have the space for it? If Yes, then plan a kitchen island, so that you can perform all. Under no circumstances, you should feel constrained due to low surface in anything.

Maybe you have an irregular input area. But there’s a pitched roof or a flight of stairs. The space below is super much. But no final solution can be of help in this case. But that’s the past. Because IKEA has now brought the great modules on the market.

That’s why everything is easier

Metod kitchens IKEA system

Other typical variant would be an apartment where one has but a pretty wide range of input. There, you can do much. But so this works great, you should count also with not very regular proportions, both in length and in width.

The modules of the Metod kitchen might be suitable for this situation. You can distribute so on the surface, that you get maximum benefit from this.

Pull the cover an area of up to four walls into consideration and see which idea you feel most comfortable. These could abut, but also parallel. Also quite different, little together corresponding, but located in the same room walls can be that.

Why try you don’t for example with Steuerwagen?

Metod kitchens Steuerwagen wall

Follow original and individually! But don’t forget to think about practical. So the kitchen easily feels you should leave between the various vertical surfaces to 120 centimeters. Otherwise, people would join far too much. So no one in the situation will feel comfortable. So, you refrain from and look for another solution.

If you plan to wall cabinets, you should position that they are easily accessible. But at the same time the larger members of the family can easily reach them. With drawers, you could fill the area up to the ceiling. What you get then, if you need anything from this site? Have you thought of a matching Ottoman, perhaps? What’s with an extra head?

Where would they stow away then this, if you don’t need it?

If you are planning the kitchen areas, consider the functions that are linked and heavily linked. Are the drawers for cutlery close to the sink?

Do you have a convenient support surface for the hot baking pans from the oven?

Metod kitchens graphite grey

Close enough to the work area is the fridge? To have enough room for the extractor puller, so you have no problems with its use and you best take advantage of its potential?

Look around in the room intended for the kitchen. See what you can make of it. Carefully consider how the cooking process here will run. Try to think it in this situation.

There are some typical errors that you may not commit. For example, you should position the sink in the corner never. This will limit the opportunities for input and clearing out very strongly.

Also, the furnace is next to a wall or in a corner out of place. In these places you should according to Metod kitchens consultant position also no drawers. These are just some of the tips that you from the website, but also by the consultants in the IKEA business in terms of integrating the Metod kitchens would get. Ah, and we have forgotten to mention that there’s an online Planner, which you could use to mark the occasion.

The lighting at Metod kitchens

Metod kitchen light wood

Kitchen not only the basic structure, but also various other aspects have been seen before in building the Metod.  For example, you have various colors and finishes, among which you can choose. Also in the mechanisms that are used, one can observe diverse variations.

We want to discuss everything in detail here. But we want to go into one aspect still – it’s about the lighting in the kitchen.

On this occasion, we want to once again imagine what types of lighting there is. We divide these into work, mood and ambient lighting (General lighting) called.

Kitchens, you can integrate all these aspects in the Metod.  Also dimmer mechanisms are available. By these, the same lamps can meet one or the other function depending on the case.

If you have opted for a kitchen island, then there are many different solutions for this also. These could be fitted on request also with control. Depending on whether you want to perform your tasks, or rather sit in a good mood there, you can adjust the intensity of the lamps.

Not super cool is that?

Metod kitchens white pendants

The Metod kitchen has lots of storage space

Metod kitchens white Cabinet

Yellow accents for more freshness

Metod kitchens radiant white

Perfect gloss and oval edge

Metod kitchen high gloss

Metod kitchen with industrial elements

Metod kitchens checkmate ground

For those, the antiques love

Metod kitchens Rusikal

Each corner is used optimally

Metod kitchens of open floor plan

If you stand on metal gloss

Metod kitchens metallic modern

Metod kitchen and library in one

Metod kitchen IKEA white black

So easy, it can also go

Metod kitchens IKEA

Lovingly decorated

Metod kitchens wood white

Sent the bursting use

Metod kitchen wood cabinets

An elegant color duo

Metod kitchen wood floor

High-gloss in purple and white

Metod kitchens glossy violet

Supple in natural colours

Metod kitchens gloss black granite floor

Passionate in red

Metod kitchen high gloss red white

Silver, purple and Apple green – a great combination

Metod kitchens grey purple

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