Minimalist Designed Summer Residence Charms With The Simplicity Of Interior Design

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minimalist design summer residence white ball hanging lamp

Minimalist designed residence summer enthralled with the simplicity of Interior design

A Danish summer residence will enchant you with the simplicity of Interior design

The first thing that occurs to us, when we talk about interior design, is the subject, which handles it. Intuitive search for a coherent form language that universally works and helps to make continuity. This is usually the way to taking in the modern interior design. But it looks like that the architect Mette and Martin Wang might have violated this rule, as they have been working on the design of her summer home.

Entrance to the kitchen area

minimalist designed summer residence simply wood flooring

Elegant white kitchen

minimalist designed summer residence table wooden chair hanging lamp

Rather than to apply a uniform style that works well in any room in their place of refuge for the summer, the architects embarked on a different path. Each space was carried out in a very individual style.

According to which this process has a very practical reason. Everyone in the family can withdraw this depending on the mood and current needs in another room.

Wooden wall decoration – staircase

minimalist designed summer residence stairs wood facility

Built in bookshelves under the stairs

minimalist design summer residence bookshelves staircase

The result of their creative work was a stark contrast between the kitchen and rest rooms. While the space in which the food is prepared, has been ergonomically designed and dressed in stainless steel and metal, the wooden design in use was residential, reading and sleeping room.

These opposite styles in design are also seamlessly combined. That one has done this, that elements of these were used in the rooms designed as a pendant works. The whole thing is done on a fine and sensitive manner.

Both architects seem to prefer furniture by Arper, because the Catifastuhl will appear in several areas of the House. The use of the various design styles range from the classic to the contemporary style. We achieved that the interiors appear both stylish and inviting. Beautiful pendant lights, a wonderful Home Office and furniture upholstered with leather give a unique charm the Sommerzufluchtsort!

Wooden fittings – warm touch and cozy ambienceminimalist design summer residence coffee table wood Office

Compact but ergonomically and comfortably furnished living room

minimalist design summer residence leather seat window wood

White glittering surfaces and black accents

minimalist designed summer residence corridor through white

Designed the Home Office with style and elegance

minimalist design summer residence home office design complete white walls in the hallway minimalist designed summer residence plants carpet large sliding Windows – minimalist facilities minimalist designed summer residence white equipment

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