Missouri Farmhouse – Modern And Traditional In A Combined

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Missouri farmhouse modern outdoor outdoor

Missouri farmhouse – modern and traditional in a combined

Fooled by the Pediment form. This spacious home on 3 acres has many modern surprises

The name porch House is suitable for this House for a family of four people in southwestern Missouri. Here, a porch of four sides wraps the L-shaped floor plan. But a quick look at the design, which is created by Matthew Hufft by Hardy projects shows that the porch is… not like a veranda.

Where are the columns that hold the roof? Where are the railings? The cantilever roof and open sides indicates that this House is a mixture of traditional and modern. We make a tour of a House, which maintains a good balance between these generally disparate extremes.

The House at a glanceWho lives here: Hannah and Paul Catlett and her 2 boysLocation: Springfield, Missouri

Area: 557,42 square meters on 3 acresThis is interesting: Paul Catlett and Matthew Hufft are friends since they were 17.

From a distance, the veranda is not very prominent

Missouri farmhouse outdoor grass walk tree

The gabled form, the position-seam metal roof, and the oversized Dormer attract the most attention. These elements refer to the farmhouses of this part of the Ozarks, but in a minimalist style.

The entrance is located on the East side of the House, and this is also the beginning of the surrounding patio. There are small Windows near the entrance, under the overhanging porch. The dormer Windows seem to stretch to soak up the Sun’s rays.

Now we are at the entrance, under the canopy at the end of the stone stairs from the driveway

Missouri farmhouse exterior facade prefab panels

Later we will see how much light penetrates into the Interior of the House, but first let us around the House to see the rest of the porch.

A more interesting twist comes in the dormers

Missouri farmhouse exterior window roof

Big chimney effect strikingly

Missouri farmhouse modern outdoor outdoor

If we turn the corner to the South, the cantilevered roof falls the big chimney. Double glass doors give direct access from the dining room to the porch.

The southern part of the porch is used as a dining area outside

Missouri farmhouse exterior brick wall

A fireplace is an extension of the chimney behind it, which also is an approach to storing firewood under the roof. Steps provide access to the backyard corner. It should be noted that the porch is never more than 0.30 or 0.60 metres above the grade.

This look from the West shows the end of the porch

Missouri farmhouse exterior facade prefab panels

This look from the West shows the end of the veranda, which begins at the entrance on the other side of the House and continues in a P form. The rectangular window in the foreground is in the master bathroom, the master bedroom with views is the same behind it to the South.

A part of the porch is without canopy

Missouri farmhouse exterior facade

Here, Hardy added some wooden slats on the front of the glass walls to reduce the direct sunlight that comes into the House in the late afternoon and early evening.

As with the high gable, the Interior is very open and bright

Missouri farmhouse kitchen pendant gleaming

Like the exterior, the Interior of the House is very modern, with bright surfaces on walls and ceilings and minimum details. Details (the peninsula in the kitchen here) add some warmth to the oak floors and occasional wood.

From the kitchen we are now looking to the South side of the House and the chimney

Missouri farmhouse pendant lighting living room built-in fire

In this item we see a further move away from the traditional: instead of the fireplace on the gable to be centered, it is centered on the living room, which occupies the right half of the large room. (The dining room is on the left side.)

Also the stove is not in the middle of the brick chimney.

The dormer brings large amount of light you need such a great space for lighting

Missouri farmhouse designer solution hanging dining room table wood

We’re talking about the fireplace in the dining room and one of Dormer looks with views to the East.

Barely visible between the lower window and the dormer, a horizontal projection is housing, which produce the same effect when the sun goes down.

Both of these guys have Dormer Windows in her bedroom

Missouri farmhouse window glass, white establishment dormers

Between their bedrooms, a shared bathroom is accessible from their bedrooms, but not from the hallway out.

Like the dormers, they give the impression of a two-storey house

Missouri farmhouse complete white set up red accents

Visible on the gable end of the House we see two square Windows in the first photo, one above the other.  But as can be seen this look in the laundry room, these Windows are one room only.

Given how many laundry rooms in basements or rooms are hidden, that looks like a space where I would not just laundry!

Missouri farmhouse floor gallery artistic wood flooring

A corridor leads from the kitchen, bedroom and laundry room, goes to the garage (right) past, and ends in the master suite. Family photos hang at head height on one side of the room, opposite South window shaded by a cantilever roof.A glass door overlooking the garden and direct access to the porch.

The master suite in the House

Missouri farmhouse bedroom gray shades

The master suite is located so far from the rest of the House that it is accessible not only through a door. A door leads in the bathroom, but not otherwise. As the floor is the bedroom in the South.

A sliding door separates the bedroom and the bathroom

Missouri farmhouse wooden partition rustic traditional bath

It is a further touch of warmth in the bright rooms.

The large bathroom is open to the courtyard on the South side, where the canopy obscures the room in summer to help so that it is cool.

Hide the blinds window provide privacy, if it is desired.

The large bathroom is open to the courtyard on the South side

Missouri farm house bath bathroom white

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