Modern Architecture In Harmony With Nature

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Enjoy stunning views from home

If you design a House, it is very important that is adapted to the interior design of the environment. It can be views in the heavenly expanse and the modern architecture in the area. If you feed enough sunlight, they can convert even the most modest little apartment in a fabulous place.

If you have integrated the apartment in the correct way once in the environment, it is then very difficult to imagine the an element without the other.

Howard JAWS is an architect who knows perfectly how to do it. The houses, which he designed, have a very strong connection with nature. You are not so different from the Palladian houses in Venice from the 16sten century.

You can call both types of architecture as a stage, where residents are taught and encouraged to look at the surroundings and to enjoy.

The work by baking and its partners, Jim Gillam and Loren Kroeger was portrayed in the new book by Daniel Gregory. You were also recorded in the work of a photographer.

These graceful bands allow us a glimpse in baking, Gillam & Kroeger Architects, as well as in the reminiscent of landscape through which they were inspired.

Modern architecture and nature converge

modern architecture fireplace round table lamp resized

As well as the completely white wall equipment, is used as much as possible to bring the artworks, furniture occupy a central role within the room pictured here.

With pronounced horizontal proportions, the window focus in the distance. Looking beyond the situated far hills and the sky stretching above and behind it.

The bookshelves, the curtains and the up slope structures surround these views as a picture.

Interior wood panels

modern architecture table table flower pots resized

Here we see a white, consisting of wood panels Interior. It’s the living room of the architect himself. He has opted here for the combination of living room, dining and kitchen area, what the room looks. At the same time, you have a wide view of the vast landscape.

This cream is not all too big. But the different seating areas can accommodate here actually a pretty large group of people. But also as a couple you would feel the room cozy and comfortable.

The portrait as the Center

modern architecture image lounge table resized

There are not so many places in this world where you can create a home like this. Here you can enjoy the total openness and in it there is a really only minimalist structure. So it has created to benefit fully from the beauty of the landscape.

This House looks like in a sandwich between the floor and the roof coverings. The prospect after outside and within the distance from here is truly stunning. The only thing more restrained can be described as something that is a portrait whose Dimensionen are larger than life. It is the figure of a woman. You can look back on us and avoids the freedom and chaos by their charisma.

An oasis of nature

modern architecture pool beautiful lighting resized

Natural lighting and illumination in the one

modern architecture House landscape resized

If you look on this kind of houses from outside, you see a very domestic character. You have a traditional gable roof and side panels. It creates quite to be relaxed in such a setting. Thus forms an axial design, which surrounds the swimming pool, the gate and the core of the House. It is arranged for an upscale atmosphere and upscale appearance.

Yes, these houses are animated and you can enjoy them very well. People who live their dreams live here.

Stunning House

modern architecture open house glass walls resized

Exceptional cuisine

modern architecture kitchen open shelves resized

Hereby I will introduce the most breathtaking rise throughout the book. The ceiling is very low and covered with grass. So it creates the landscape to disappear within a few days.

It becomes one with the landscape.

The House has a single room and ensures a permanent connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. You can therefore fully enjoy the views of the mountains and the Lake.

Overlooking the ocean

modern architecture House landscape Beach resized

Living in the water

modern architecture House landscape Ocean

View from the bathroom

modern architecture bathroom 2 resized

The ocean home

modern architecture the bathroom

Enjoy the ocean with fruit and drink

modern architecture of fruit on the table

Let the light through many Windows

Modern architecture In the ocean of resized

Pool in the forest

Modern architecture pool In the forest of resized

Houses for which it can be said that they swim in the water are another example. Would be to live in a House as a challenge it constantly to remember that you are on solid ground.

These houses, speaking about modern architecture, are also an example of the careful handling of the details. You can watch this at the institution, as well as on the lighting. There is not a better proof than this detailed elaboration for the love and the professionalism.

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