Modern Bungalow On The Beach – Eclectic Modernism With A Hint Of Tradition

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modern Bungalow on the beach of colorful paintings hanging seat

Modern Bungalow on the beach with vintage flair

Asher and Jessica Richter have considered this posthumous bungalow in California, as they wished to be able to remove the obvious defects with a magic. The Court was oversized, had penetrated the floor plan and at all the whole thing needed a major overhaul. Thank God were the most important elements in a good condition. So, above all, the base, the tube, the electrical installation and the ceiling are meant.

The judge have their own designer furniture and interior design business. The company with this activity is called the Weego Home. This established them, because they believed that within the apartment design talent is best. As their own customers, they had the freedom to fill the Interior with color, patterns and varied materials. You still had the opportunity to bring at the same time the modernism and many traditional elements in use.

In the design of the coloured and modern beach bungalow, the judge have maximum increases the square surface.

The House at a glance

Who lives here: Asher and Jessica Richter, along with their 3 adopted dogs (Benny, Rosie and Coco bean)

Location: Santa Monica, California

Size: 290 square meters, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

With its to the 140-square-meter area, the living room is the largest room in the entire apartment. The designers explain this: “we have furniture selected, showing clear lines, extra storage or an open base. You can find an insight by the Kartell Louis Ghost chairs, as well as open bases’s stools and the coffee table.

Except, the changes in the kitchen the additional layer of gypsum are purely cosmetic. There are traditional elements like seagrass wallpaper, a Sputnik chandelier and a wobbly Chair. They all offer a “groovy” retro style.

The media unit of the judge can be adapted to the different options

modern Bungalow on the beach of smooth design chest of drawers from dark wood

You have here-resizable panels, which can be used either as three push drawers or 2 floating shelves. It has expanded the Visual space by moving the TVs on the wall. So we had enough space on the surface of the Cabinet for putting up some accessories.

The table has a mirror site and Benny reflected now in this

modern Bungalow on the beach of geometric pattern cushion

This seems to love the playful elements in the room. They used mirrors on the side of the table and also the lamps. Thus it has provided a Visual extension of the room.

Often people before mixing of many patterns and colors are shying away from.

The example here you can see, that one actually has a substantial margin to do so through the neutral colored large pieces

modern Bungalow on the beach striped rug square stool

The kitchen was the first and the most expensive part of project within the renovation. It has replaced everything here and has installed new things, such as the wooden floor. Still, one has built-in white cabinets with high-gloss. Continue to have come through the orange chairs and the back wall of the green colored accents.

More great action in this regard has created the couple through the light on the ceiling

modern bungalow beachfront filigree patterned plate in black white

The kitchen design was held in unencumbered by the ChalkBoard. This shows an Akapulkokorb with fruits. After the completion of the kitchen, the couple to the editing of the bathroom is skipped. This was fully functional, but it felt old and dirty.

Bright colours, tiles with a mirror surface and Anemone-shaped lights brighten now the room

modern Bungalow on the beach of jade wall tiles white ceramic

The floating vanity and the shower glass let them appear larger.

Inspired by the classics of the 1920s the holders have small hexagolan tiles for the floor. You have still worried for a contemporary touch through the rectangular glass tiles on the wall.

To extend the open concept, the judge chose a sliding wall made of glass before the tub of shower

modern Bungalow on the beach glass Zweischenwand

The couple used a similar design approach in their bed and breakfast

modern Bungalow on the beach of rectangular cabinet from dark wood

That most of the elements are in the main bathroom, one caused by this colored Peacock image for a coloured glory

modern Bungalow on the beach dark grey Peacock drawing

It has contributed to attach another colored accents.

One has deliberately run the floor in a uniform, clean color. So the sovereignty had caused you quite the towels and other items for a colorful outfit.

According to the designer, add a lively elements in a serenen design ensures plenty of variety and a wonderful mood.

Also according to their opinion, the bedroom is the most personal room in the apartment. This should seem refreshing, romantic and pure. To meet the latter aspect, it has opted for the gray ceiling and wall wallpaper in metallic silver on the wall.

The fresh accents in turquoise and lemon yellow provide more dynamic

modern Bungalow on the beach table lamps from blown glass and linen fabric

On the Windows has combined solid linen draperies with sheer patterned panels from West Elm

modern Bungalow on the beach wall with flowers and birds

It has caused more colorful touches yellow pillow, Golden finishes and accents with Canaries. The whole thing was supplemented by glass lamps in turquoise on the tables.

A classic Florentine Broadhurst wall wallpaper brings here a dynamic touch. Both had created the background plus custom made. You had created the Panel by stretching out Heron spring fabrics. Here is a private Design Studio Weego home. Such panels can be placed in different places and as she spread intimate atmosphere, without thereby constricting space.

You can see at the bungalow design preference of the designer for the different shapes, colours and pattern combinations. It sought this symmetry between the pillows, because they are firmly convinced that the eye prefers the design in pairs.

Have you noticed this design how can create something beautiful and cozy from a discounted room? Are you motivated for the repair in your apartment?

We wish you much fun!

modern Bungalow on the beach of fresh lavender and grass green on the pillow

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