Modern Chandeliers From Old Things – Designs By Stuart Haygarth

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chandelier recycled items Stuart Haygarth

Stuart Haygarth created fascinating modern chandelier made of ancient objects

Stuart Haygarth collects various things that have emerged on the coast of Kent from the ocean for many years. Then he sorted them and makes very many different great works. Modern chandeliers were found among these.

A huge sphere of old stuff

chandelier designer Stuart Haygarth chandelier

Omission of chandelier bulbs

chandelier bulbs design Stuart Haygath

So a fascinating piece is deep

modern chandelier tide design colored sphere

This chandelier was drafted from various plastic objects. You have all different sizes. Nevertheless the author created it to shape them into a uniform ball. This is round and is to imitate the Moon according to the author. Of course, this is no coincidence. Because just the movement of water, which was caused by this celestial body, is responsible for getting all these items on the coast.

Spectacle chandelier

The spectacle in turn was created out of 1000 Diopterbrillen. You were so tied together that you can hardly tell that it is not a classic chandelier. But if you look more closely, also the additional mirrors and magnifying effect through the lenses, which are contained therein, cannot be overlooked.

This chandelier would spice up any interior design

modern chandeliers huge spectacle design

Tail light chandelier

Tail light is another, very popular model. The car stop lights, which one has to observe long hours in many cases many were used as fascination. He has collected, grouped according to size and shape, and they at acrylic boxes attached. So, you get the desired structure.

An inspiring lighting fixtures

modern chandelier Stuart Haygarth Tail Light

Dispossable chandelier

The resources that it has used for this model here are many fluorescent light bulbs and 416 plastic cups. You can buy the model in many different designs.

This is a futuristic design

modern chandelier Disposable Stuart Hyagath

Millennium chandelier

For the modern Millennium chandelier, it took more than 1000 used confetti boxes. They are very easy and therefore provide a beautiful shimmer effect. They made new boxes and they can be found in many different shades.

A chandelier, which resembles a colored gyro

modern chandelier Stuart Haygarth design

Lights from a snowboard

As it was indicated in the title, you can purchase many things from snowboard from this author. About the sports equipment you installed three light bulbs and it creates a great lamp. You can take yourself matching ornaments to achieve a one effect.

Such chandeliers evoke fascination

chandelier Stuard Haygarth designer chandelier

Also an elegant design can come from recycled stuff

chandelier Stuart Haygarth Atypically extravagant

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