Modern Dining Room Set – 77 Ideas For Your Dining Room Decor

Ideas on how you design a modern dining room

The kitchen and the dining room are more often. Enter the important function to bring family and friends at a table and all together to spend cosy hours together. These two rooms have to look so very inviting and cozy. You need also a certain treat according to many designers and home owners. As we celebrate the friendship and the family Yes there so to speak. We have found some ideas for a modern dining room that are trendy and meet the requirement for festivity and an upscale character. Do you want to see them and perhaps draw inspiration from it?

Modern dining room set – an open dining room should be designed in accordance with the other premises

dining room furniture open living plan kitchen black kitchen island

Modern dining room with green accents

cooler set dining room dining table candles minimalist wanddeko green nuances

Stylish idea, how you set up your dining room modern and light

dining room set up pastellila accents tischdeko plant

Fine lacquered surfaces

The painting gives a great shine furniture and home accessories. However, this can be both classy and cheap. It’s up to the execution. Look at following, quite successful Designer samples and try using it to develop a sense of noble appearance.

Decorate the table with candles and Dekovase

modern dining room furniture stylish carpet wanddeko candles

Make chic dining area in the kitchen

modern dining room fancy dining table chairs pendant light white ground

Formality to the right extent

The formal establishment is another, well proven method for the establishment of the dining room. So it also modern works, you must keep abundantly playful elements in the room. See the next examples, has achieved there wonderfully.

The dining room’s minimalist set up

modern dining room minimalist black dining table open living plan

Send pendant lights hanging on the glass dining table

modern dining room glass dining table white chairs

Dark dining room furniture combine with white walls

modern dining room solid dining table elegant furniture set

Decorate the dining table with plants

modern dining room chairs chic elegant dining table plant

Red accents

The easiest setup can be quite striking thanks to cleverly inserted Flash accents. This could be carried out for example in the way current Red. They fit wonderfully to very different styles of dining room set up, such as those with a rural character.

Carefully integrate red as a dominant color in the dining room

dining room set up red wall color oval dining table red chairs

The dining room pimp red accents on

dining room set up red accents living ideas

Big ideas for small dining room

The small dining room are a great way to give free run your creativity at their facility. There, a rather dramatic interior is quite possible. A single glamorous element or a bright accent can turn the room into something special.

Set up a cozy dining area

black dining room furniture dining room table living room

Enjoy beautiful views while eating

dining room furniture round dining table chairs send panorama window

Accents lend character to the small dining area

dining room set up smaller dining area wall white

Dining area with rustic design set

modern dining room rustic dining area white ambience black accents

Small dining room with charm set

small dining room furniture dining room chairs black metro tiles white paint

A round dining table fits well in a small space

dining table dining room furniture modern white black chairs

Eclectic dining room

modern dining room eclectic Interior carpet tischdeko flowers

By flowers freshen the small dining room

dining room set up Brown elements flowers

Modern shades-Blau and Brown

The blue and brown tones have been rediscovered in the last seasons. They occur in the various nuances and variations. You make a fine and soothing combination together. That’s why they are used in many dining rooms.

Combine Blue shades right in the dining room

dining room set up fancy Chair carpet pattern blue accent wall

The establishment of white contrasts with the dark-blue dining room walls

dining room set blue wall color white furniture

Combine the functions of the rooms

Here is a practical and very successful solution for the establishment of the dining room. Combine their function with the function of other space. You will certainly achieve a great effect if you build a bookcase with books in the wall of the dining room. You will have always a theme, what are you converse with your guests.

Functional dining room set up

dining room set up small library pendant lamp

Dining room with small library

dining room set dekoideen books round dining table

The nuances of your Lieblingssaison

What is your Lieblingssaison? It’s the summer? Bring this warm season with blue sea and bright sky in conjunction. Make your dining room in this current shades and kept the popular summer atmosphere in the room.

Airy interior makes a pleasant lunch and dinner

modern dining room stylish furniture panoramic window

Set up and decorate the dining room in light shades

dining room furniture-large table carpet ceiling lights

Orange accent wall brings a fresh flair in the room

dining room set chandelier glass table

modern dining room of carpet rustic dining table fresh curtains

dining room set up colored carpet pendulum lights

Rural style

If you love the rural exotic, you can find new ideas for it under our modern designs for a modern dining room . There are many new interpretations of the Provence furnishing style!

dining room set up country style dunkleblaue chairs

rustic dining room furniture dining room kitchen wooden work plate

modern dining room wood table carpet elegant chairs

modern dining room rustic dining room furniture carpet mirror

The ceiling of the room

Simply run everything and make something more out of the ceiling design. Such an approach has a really amazing potential.

dining room set up lighting accent wall

dining room furniture-dark pendant green ceiling light

modern dining room white black cool ceiling

Modern combinations of materials

For a warm and at the same time modern living room, you could combine several current materials. In the following examples, you did this and has completely escaped the traditional approach. Wood veneer in combination with concrete is a very good choice. What materials would you combine?

wood modern dining room dark combine metal floor tiles

modern dining room dining table glass fireplace living room

fallen out modern dining room chairs lighting

dining room set up country style wood accents

dining room set up long dining table candles panoramic window

dining room set up luxurious fancy chandelier

dining room set up rural style colored accents

dining room set up colored carpet plant

dining room set up red wkzentwand open living plan

dining room set dining table dining area

dining room set up white furniture in rural style

dining room set up stylish innendesign wanddeko fireplace

dining room set up strips carpet with tasteful green curtains

dining room set white dining table black chairs wood floor

dining room set white chairs carpet white flowers

modern dining room of small room dining table carpet pfanzen

suspended dining room furniture round dining table top overhead lights

fancy dining room furniture chairs fireplace Chair

dining room furniture concrete walls candles plant

cool dining room furniture dining table chairs Scandinavian style ceiling

small dining room furniture dining room green walls white furniture

long dining room furniture dining room table flowers tischdeko white chairs

dining room furniture-solid dining table flowers tischdeko elegant chairs

dining room furniture modern furniture tischdeko ceiling lighting

modern dining room wood furniture white walls

dining room furniture open living plan flower vase

dining room furniture open living plan living room modern fireplace

dining room furniture rustic dining table flowers fireplace

dining room furniture rustic dining table light pendant

dining room furniture-Scandinavian style dekokissen white bottom

modern dining room of dining area kitchen carpet

modern dining room of small room carpet flowers tischdeko

modern dining room wood dining table chairs Black Yellow

modern dining room small room curtains design carpet

modern dining room luxury stay open plan to dining room furniture

modern dining room ceiling Wall shelves led lighting

modern dining room luxuriously long curtains of sisal carpet chandelier

modern dining room chic dining room furniture table runner

modern dining room carpet Red accent wall wooden table

modern dining room Strip carpet yellow accents

white modern dining room Chairs Dining glass table carpet

modern dining room with tasteful plant pot

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