Modern, Half Minimalist Design

Half minimalist, modern design of the WCH interior design

living room of modern half minimalist design

This modern apartment of patterns by a company from Taiwan – WCH interior design designed, could be described as half-minimalist design. She brought warm and welcome hot feelings. The sharply drawn lines of this House are softened by the neutral palette of the blue gray walls and the additional textures of the floor and furniture immediately.

The television tells the living and dining area

living room Ferhneser views modern half minimalist design

As a divider between the living – and dining room, this large, unique TV looks really stylish and extravagant.

Tropical plant placed in the vicinity of the window

dining room shutters flower pot decorative tree

That the tropical plant in the vicinity of the window is placed, is not only practical, but adds style to this clean double-side dining area.

Half minimalist, modern design in the bedroom

bed upholstered bed idea design nightstand

The upholstered bed of this room is framed in such a way that the headboard is continuing the window wall that serves as a desk and on the opposite wall as a decoration.

Lounge room minimalist gray wood flooring modern

sink bath semi minimalist dark lined wooden wall panels surrounded a sink

dark wood flooring design idea the establishment of wood gives the entire apartment dark lookextravagant half minimalist look in the dining room – table and chairs made of dark wood, gray walls and wooden panels dining room black wood half minimalist designa part of the living room leather chair, treads – half minimalist design living room leather chair idea modern half minimalist design Taiwan WCHhalf minimalist design by WCH interiors – living room idea living page look half minimalist modern design

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