Modern Interior Design Ideas – A Great Area To Relax Figures

inspiring decorating cage bird

Modern interior design ideas for outdoor use

In this article we a few modern interior design ideas inform you how you can transform your outdoor area in a great area to relax. A deck on three levels makes the charm of the facilities, which we will show you here.

Thus you can experience different levels of relaxation on request

modern interior design ideas outdoor figures

Plates of different shapes, separated by Pebble determine the area of the inner courtyard. You have the opportunity to see them close in the picture. The pebbles form a layer that are slightly lower than the stone slabs.

The latter as from the Earth seem to grow out

modern interior design ideas flooring pebbles

Then you have another stage, which can wonderfully serve as seat through their position and width. Lights were also built on this. They brighten the area from bottom to top and a rather magical atmosphere. On the a Bank, also an open fireplace has been integrated in the middle.

She can outside in cold nights warm up your hours and extend the pleasure outdoors

modern interior design ideas outdoor fireplace

In the second part of this article we want to arrive at some more decorative items. They have a function. But what makes it different, is appealing and original appearance. You are wonderfully fit on as a deck, which is used to relax. Here we see created garden seats, which were created by machining with high temperature ceramic. The decoration with the birds and the green color fits great to the garden. We have three great examples. It is combined or separately employ in such an area. In both cases, the effect is just as great!

Green design with floral motifs

modern interior design ideas attractive seating

Somewhat extravagant for a garden seat, don’t you think?

modern interior design ideas garden garden design

It doesn’t looks like a seat! Original and failed!

modern seating garden figures

The bird cages, who get to see now that have been created from aged metal.

You can thus put plants in the middle of the terrace and reposition them as desired

inspiring decorating cage bird

The Sage Green Chair that is so trendy and at the same time reserved is called Marina. He would fit just as well in the indoor and the outdoor area.

Nautical ropes were used for its manufacture

garden green Chair Marina

Here a luxurious design of the garden chair

garden ideas luxury Chair

Such a garden idea will be certainly the atmosphere more lively look

great garden garden plants

Violet in the garden

flowers garden garden design ideas

Original and beautiful

plants beautiful decorating garden

Plants in the cage

beautiful decorating garden plants

Interesting shelf, where the flower pots, there could be

interior design ideas garden decoration plants

A play corner for the little ones

great interior design ideas garden design ideas