Modern Interior Design Ideas – Exceptional Family Home, Embellished With Properly Illuminated Vertical Garden

family home furnishing ideas Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Modern interior design ideas – family rental, greenery aufgeppept

Today we introduce an apartment, which is perfect for a small family. It is located in Dnepropetrovsk, in the Ukraine. Its special feature is the extensive views of the city and the river Dnjipr. SVOYA studio dealt with the interior design of the apartments. The gorgeous Interior provides feeling of comfort, serenity and comfort the young couple and their child. Inspired by the river and in its ambition to create a strong link between nature and urban life, the designer decorated the living room with a vertical garden.

A real vertical garden in the living area

family home green design vertical garden

Connection to nature

modern interior design ideas kitchen vertical garden

The vertical garden is illuminated at night attractive

family home set up elegant furniture

They created this Green beauty between the large Windows. This is the best possible manner, to combine outdoor set with the Interior. Tags of the vertical garden of the natural light is swamped and at night, this place turns into vibrant jungle. See the modern design ideas in the pictures below, may find inspiration for your own apartment!

The living room

modern ideas of residential apartment Ukraine

The dining area

large window vertical garden

No separation between the living room and the dining area

modern interior design ideas interior design ideas family apartment

Vertical Garden by the corridor view

modern interior design ideas of vertical garden design

The children’s room

nursery design family apartment Ukraine

The bedroom

modern interior design ideas setting up bedroom

The natural materials and natural colours to create a modern design, but to make a connection to nature not just make sure. The color palette is a Fortzetzung of the exterior. The bedrooms can be as comfortable and fresh at the same time by different design elements with minimalist accents. This modern room has huge Windows that allow panoramic views over the fifth largest city in the Ukraine. And the children’s room is decorated in pink and grey secures the child feeling of balance and beauty.

The dining area

white dining table Dining chairs, large lamp shade

At dinner you can enjoy the Green Garden

kitchen dining area decoration green

Light neutral shades in the bedroom

bedroom design attractive decorating

Attractive lighting

modern interior design ideas bedroom lighting

Combination of fresh colours in the nursery

nursery curtains Pink Blue items

Great night lamp in your baby’s room

family apartment Ukraine children's colored

And so, you want to live in such a setting, where a vertical garden is interesting and beautiful your days and nights?

The Green combines wonderfully with the White

vertical garden interior design ideas

Wood, green and white in a room

modern interior design ideas House living room

During the day, the atmosphere is illuminated by sunlight

modern interior design ideas of vertical garden

Wooden elements and stools in the hallway

modern interior design ideas apartment spice it up

Table design

vertical garden beautiful lighting

Cosy and modern at the same time

bedroom Interior beautiful seat