Modern Interior Design Ideas For The Summer – 18 Cool Geometric Patterns

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modern interior design ideas wall decoration patterned wallpaper geometric pattern

Cool geometric patterns for the summer

We are fans of design, which changed the seasons according to Freshideen. It is undeniable that this is most attractive for the summer for most people.

The warm weather brings fresh and cheerful notes with them. Adhere to bold patterns, soft nuances of Earth, retro and modern.

Lines, edges and shapes great mingle within a style and you have that in large part to the geometric patterns. Today, we show our current Favorites! We wish you a lot of fun watching!

Modern interior design ideas – geometric patterns for the walls

We want to start with the walls? Decide where to start and finish all for applying the wallpaper. Through an accent wall, you can refresh the Interior of the House great.

We have shown a power motive with this orbit small metallic wall wallpaper of company CB2 you above. It is modern and contemporary at the same time, what you’ve got to thank the two-stroke mode first and foremost.

If there is talk anyway of networks, we want to show you another great example. It is called peeks traditional wallpaper paste and is from the company of CB2. It shows a gold on coals-color scheme.

The purposely-created inperfekt lines make especially interesting design by Noël Ashby

modern interior design ideas creative wall design geometric pattern

Underestimate the power of a great work of art. Here we see Capiz wall art triangle from West Elm. It includes used shell slices by hand. These have been integrated into each other shooting triangles.

A rather trendy outfit, or? The shine of this contributes to the feeling of a beach

modern interior design ideas wall decoration geometric pattern triangle figures

Modern interior design ideas for the summer – how does it look with some geometry on the ground?

We are moving from the walls to the ground. We also forget not the exterior.

This Bergama Reversable outdoor carpet from CB 2 includes master folk patterns. These dominate the grey and white colours. These are well managed thanks to the talent of the designer Aelfie Oudghiri.

Rotor with geometric patterns on the terrace

modern interior design ideas patio design ideas patio furniture geometric pattern

Want to mix the patterns more? Draw smaller root patterns into consideration. The tile-like motifs could be on the GEO indoor outdoor carpet of company Crate and barrel. They were created from sustainable polyester.

Tile-like motifs

modern interior design ideas patio design patio furniture carpet pattern geometric

The Chevron pattern be included again. You know this also from experience, right? This Rubicon jute carpet including company West Elm a large Chevron motifs in natural and bleached jute.

Carpet with Chevron pattern in beige and white

terrace design furniture modern home design ideas carpet geometric chevron patterns

Monochromatic triangles provide a strong message on this Andes Wollbaum carpet in Slate Grey of company West Elm. This is to vary the height of the cotton. Texture, layers and depth have been give, but the uniform slate-grey tone makes the piece seem restrained.

Monochromatic triangles

modern interior design ideas living room carpet 3d textured geometric patterns

Modern interior design ideas for the summer – geometric patterns on furniture

Some of the most interesting patterns can be found on pieces of furniture. Here, it has to do with a large Chevron pattern. It draws the attention to the slanted wooden boards of the Alexa bed from West Elm. Yes, sloping wood is also very stylish.

Wooden bed headboard

modern creative living ideas bedroom rustic carpet geometric pattern

Colored Chevron pattern make always a very great impression. This position cabinet by CB2 includes the bold design by CECI Tompson

living room furniture Dresser modern interior design ideas colored geometric Chevron pattern

Colored Chevron pattern make always a great impression. This StellaSChrank by CB2 shows the bold design by Ceci Thompson. Also here the large pattern without work zig zag repetition such as Chevron pattern. We got to those in recent years on various by sluices see. Now it’s time to change something, don’t you find?

How fitting a pattern in another? Here we get the Talita cocktail table by Jonathan Adler to see. It has attached the pieces manually on the surface. The basis for this is nickel-plated metal.

We see the bottom of the page. Then you have the opportunity to look at the details of the metallic patterns from nearby

work room design modern interior design ideas desk structure pattern

The furniture are one of today’s Topdesigntrends. It’s about the modern revival of a retro concept. The return of the rope provides wide opportunities for summer and geometric patterns.

The asymmetrical triangle motifs in this seat by bend includes galvanized iron with white powder coating

modern interior design ideas designer furniture geometric pattern

Modern interior design ideas for the summer – great geo-accessories

At the end we want to introduce a series of geometric accessories. They provide a strong statement by their bold pattern. This Inca carpet represents one of the most striking geometric offers.

Note the master look of the geometric pattern on the carpet

furniture garden ideas apreciated Chronicly throwing pillow geometric Chevron pattern

Other bold tribal patterns can be found at the Hira pillows from Crate and barrel.

This time, they found inspiration in the art of the peoples

modern interior design ideas living room cushion throwing pillow geometric pattern

Combining geometry experienced with an airy appearance in the next example. The piece includes a chain stitch on white cotton. Sure, you can experience fresh blue and white motifs, which are perfect for the summer.

Stylish summer accents in blue and white

modern interior design ideas Chronicly throwing pillow geometric pattern

Fresh geometrical patterns like this, what you in this Bobo maze pillow from Jonathan Adler finds triangle, you can go in many directions. From Bohemian to ranging to retro, this could be just the right addition to your couch.

Cushion with a twist

modern interior design ideas Chronicly throwing pillow geometric patterns colored funny

We not forget also the lights! Also in this respect makes it verzinke steel for a strong message. Below, we can see that in the case of the suspension of bend. Each subsequent diamonds provide a distinctive motif.

A special pendant luminaire

modern interior design ideas designer furniture chandelier geometric pattern

Integrate even more geometric patterns in the kitchen. You can do this by the pattern of remote living.

Triangle motif of Buttering Board do you like it here?

modern interior design ideas kitchen cutting board ideas geometric pattern

At the end, we will want a collection of graphically patterned cups from Jonathan Adler show. Classic and at the same time cool designs are perfect for waking up with your favorite coffee.

Do you have a favorite coffee cup?

modern interior design ideas kitchen coloured patterned cups geometric pattern

We hope that the current tour has inspired you to freshen up the look of your home. Because a few modern interior design ideas can make wonders!

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