Modern Interior Design Ideas-style “global Chic”

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interior design ideas bedroom of global chic animal pattern other pattern

Modern interior design ideas – style “global chic” and its characteristics

Have you ever heard “global chic” style? This is one of the hottest trends today. He is relatively new, but the furnishing ideas therein from gaining more and more popularity. “Global chic” is a kind of eclecticism. However, the mixture has a world character. This means that it combines various trends and ideas from around the world in itself. Want to learn more about the typical characteristics of the global CHICS? Would you see also some great examples? Then keep it!

Cushion and carpet give a broadcast-style global chic living room

furnishing ideas of global chic living room cushion animal pattern

Flash shades

Modern interior design ideas -style “global chic” often enchant us with their bright and bold character. If you like to dye the walls in red, yellow, Orange and other nuances, then this is the right place for you!

Artistic murals in stark Red

modern interior design ideas global chic living room ethnic elements

Highlights in stark colours refresh the living room

interior design ideas living room of global chic stark colors

However, here comes the best: you can run the walls in one of these nuances and mate with decoration in most any shades. Virtually any combination of a permission in one or another culture.

Mixture of ethnic elements

Do you love the various ethnic elements in the interior design? The global style allows you to mix them in many different ways. You wonder if that makes sense? Yes sure! Find only the appropriate context that connects them. This may be a planned or already realised world tour of the holder.

Eclectic living room set up

interior design ideas living ethnic elements of global chic style

Wohnzimmerdeko global-style chic

interior design ideas living room of global chic eclectic design

Animal pattern

The animal patterns are quite naturally also in the global style at home. They are however the most as accents in the decoration. As a main motive, they are too overwhelming.

Beautiful wall decoration with animal pattern

furnishing ideas wall decoration animal pattern wallpaper

Wood furniture

The wood is a material that is applied to all over the world. Combining different types of wood and their processing is interesting in the global style.

Wooden pieces of furniture are a characteristic of this style

modern interior design ideas living room set up grey walls cushion flowers wall decoration

Benefit from the sunlight

The global chic can be regarded as a kind of world travel. It includes inter alia the consideration of different natural landscapes. That is why sunlight a role so special in the interior design ideas in the global chic. It must be optimally applied.

Select a matching wallpaper patterns

modern interior design ideas living room Strip carpet rustic coffee table of open living plan

Exotic collections

Fill your shelves with exotic collections. You can have several Buddha figures in the context of the global CHICS, you’ve collected recently. So, your House is not only original, but also especially pensive and calming.

Exotic decor

modern interior design ideas decorating global style

Can rent small details of the global style

Are you rather unsure what chic is the complete facility in the global? Proceed slowly and borrow for the first time in maybe some details. You can spice up wonderfully at home your neutral style. Let first these exotic decorative elements. If they can improve your mood and the House look fresher, you can integrate modern interior design ideas more and more time in this style.

Buddha figures are matching decoration, if you want to take the global chic home

furnishing ideas beautiful Dekoideen Buddha figure candles

Accents in the interior design

modern interior design ideas of global chic Buddha figure

A beautiful whole results from the combination of different patterns

modern interior design ideas of global chic style living room

Living with fur carpet and many fabric patterns

modern interior design ideas living room of global chic colors animal patterns

Let more light in the room

modern interior design ideas eclectic living room wall decoration transparent coffee table

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