Modern Kitchens Make Kitchen Work A Unique Experience

Modern kitchen designs that inspire you to Cook

2016 is a dynamic year. As such, it was provided on the one hand, because there is a majority of spectacular trends in recent years, of which it was expected that they will reach a peak this year. Secondly, this is the year of the red monkey after the Chinese calendar and to link this with many dynamic trends.

Modern kitchens are attractive illuminated

home ideas kitchen open living plan white kitchen island pendant light

Modern kitchens are spiced up by different textures

home ideas kitchen of cabinets of wood texture large working surface

Choose beautiful flooring for the kitchen

home ideas kitchen small kitchen set up white kitchen island mirror upper surfaces

2016, many tendencies of recent years remained on. They were combined with new ideas and forms. Generally, we might say that the current modern kitchens make this space an experience.


Minimalism and experience? These two terms are closely related, and this is so since the creation of this style. The minimalism is prevailed by the Scandinavian interior design trends. He had as purpose to transmit the energy and beauty of simple, rough and at the same time spectacular Nordic nature into the Interior. The best characteristics of minimalism into the silence and the simple colors, as well as in the carefully selected neutral shades. The designers have transformed through the selection of high-quality and original materials in a real experience 2016 this potential.

Create a bright and spacious ambience, where you like to Cook

home ideas kitchen kitchen Island light interiors open shelves

Put a few colorful accents

home ideas kitchen white kitchen floor tiles kitchen island its

Connected to the other premises

The transition from the kitchen to the other living spaces is always smooth, seamless. This is achieved by the similarities of the various surfaces to use. The white color and the wood textures are pretty universal in this regard. They can be seen in the kitchen, in the living room and also in all other premises of a minimalist apartments.

Design the modern kitchen in neutral colors

modern kitchen minimalist tulips white floor

Paint the kitchen walls in chic colors

modern kitchen stay open plan living room walls Brown plant

Alternating textures in monochromatic interiors

The monochrome interior is currently a much more pronounced trend in interior design. While the alternating textures play a very important role. You can make for lively and varied character, although it uses only a shade.

An elegant accent wall makes the kitchen look stylish

modern kitchen beautiful minimalist style kitchen back wall yellow accents

Attractive appearance of the kitchen island

What but really to the experience in the kitchen, leads, are the super original kitchen islands, we find this year on the market. They occur in the most varied forms and variants. Round kitchen islands with metallic nuances and their sculptural effects are so spectacular that they motivate the highest culinary art. There, small friend meetings can become a real event.

Discreet decoration makes the kitchen appealing enough

home ideas kitchen modern kitchen island wood-look flooring

Functional kitchen island makes the interior design functional

home ideas kitchen modern kitchen island functionally

Don’t you want that everything seems so artificial? Then choose a kitchen island, where green plants grow. So, you have a useful and beautiful garden inside the House. He will make your stay there healthier and more attractive at the same time.

Super attractive technologies in the modern kitchen

The super attractive technologies are an eyecatcher. You are also so spectacular that spare all other details and decoration pieces. If you have a modern kitchen, which are innovative kitchen appliances in the center of the room, then you have made so a modern decision, which will serve you for a long time.

Futuristic kitchen design makes a memorable impression

modern kitchens mininalistisch futuristic grey ground white furniture

Fresh elements integrate into the kitchen design

modern kitchen green wall tiles black mirror surface green carpet runner

Apply textures, which captivate the attention

modern kitchen kitchen cabinets wood texture floor tiles lit kitchen island

Provide for a modern kitchen rear panel

modern kitchen minimalist Setup mirror surface flowers diner

combining beige and white

modern kitchen open living plan pendant white dining table light

The small kitchen modern set up

modern kitchens set up mirror upper surface small kitchen

Wooden floors in the modern kitchen

home ideas kitchen modern kitchen island bar stool drop light/pendant

White kitchens are always trendy

home ideas kitchen white kitchen island modern kitchen back wall plant pots