Modern Lamps And Lighting By Onefortythree

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modern lamps and lighting furniture design ideas

Integrate modern lamps and lightings.

If you are a fan of blogs about decoration, then you have encountered certainly often the modern lamps and lighting by Onefortythree. They are industrial, geometric, contemporary and chic. While they have all these properties at the same time.

They used wood, brass and powder-coated metals as materials. This type of design is really currently in trend and manages to be unique but at the same time completely. Did we mention that these lights are not so expensive. Whose price is quite cheap, especially when you consider the detailed handwork.

Onefortythree started when Logan Hendrickson began to write a blog, by he described the House, which he renovated with his wife Roxy. The number on which they live: 143 (clear!)

Hanging lamps

Onefortythree has a series of hanging lamps in the offer. Each style brings the materials well and offers a unique design. Wood and metal are suitable to the bulbs of glass without objections. All clearly show the sleek simplicity. The colored pendant lamp is a very popular piece. Currently, you can buy a piece of each. It should but you not deter, to purchase a bunch of this.

The powder-coated base can also be purchased in many different shades. These include Steuerwagen, salmon pink and yellow school bus.

Original decisions in the lamp world

Modern lamps and luminaires pendant luminaires stained

Two-colored designs are so no wonder also very popular lately, that these hanging lamps below have attracted our attention. If you buy the lamp in individually, but she would within a group also wonderful and stylish look. You can hang the lamp above the dining or night table. Also in this case, the powder-coated base in several different shades is to acquire. You can get the real wood veneer in oak, teak, cherry, rose, walnut and ash.

For a unique atmosphere

modern lamps and lighting furniture design ideas 2 shades

In the next picture we see the so-called “shady pendant”. It provides for a vintage feel. It is due to this especially the form and the surfaces such as chrome, shiny white, Steuerwagen and Matt Black. Let alone that the twisted chords in black, white and beige is to acquire. Simply gorgeous!

Dome-shaped pendant luminaires

modern lamps and lamps, suspension lamps

Sometimes it’s up to the Holzveneere. This is true particularly for the cases when walnut, oak, teak, cherry and Rosewood are involved. Say hello to “Wood veneer pendant lamp”, which includes a twisted chords. Also, this piece features a base, which is covered with Veneeren and shows a natural, grated surface.

Pendant luminaires made of wood

modern lamps and lamps, suspension lamps wood

Swing lamp (rotating lamp)

Adjustable lamps certainly have their advantages. The swing lamps offer several possibilities in this respect. The exciting designs and the ability to turn around 180 degrees, are two reasons that you could love lamp, which you can see below in aquamarine, the swing. This lamp was turned by hand and welded. It shows a powder-coated surface, which can be purchased in various options. Did we mention that the base also rotates?

Colorful rotating lamp

modern lamps and light blue swivel lamp furnishing ideas

Let’s now the double jointed swing lamp (Doppelgelenkige rotating lamp)

You can make different configurations of this lamp. It’s a real showpiece, which shows a powder-coated finish in matte black.

Sconce brass

modern lamps and lamp Wall lamp

Below we see a combination of this material and wood. She can be the best of the two materials coming into its own. It’s specifically to brass swing lamp (chrome rotating beacon).

Wall sconces made of brass and wood

modern lamps and lamp turning lamp brass

Wall sconces

There are certain Wall lamp designs, which never change. That’s why they appear sometimes obsolete. But thank God, Onefortythree brings these pieces to a whole new level. You see them in the image below in a single and double version. You can chose freely you the right combination.

Modern lamps and fixtures from Onefortythree

modern lamps and luminaires original decorating

I love the colors and the colored versions, which can be seen on the wall here. It has created twisted steel tube by hand. They were equipped with a sustainable powder coating. Here, we have red orange and aqua blue military green. These are just a few options from which you can choose something. Can imagine this on both sides of the sofa. You can also wonderfully flank an entrance hall with white walls.

Color rich lamps

modern lamps and luminaires colour rich wall sconces

We end up now with a classical piece with chrome finish! Nice, warm toned, brass shaded Wall Sconce was created from natural brass bent by hand. The piece shows vintage-meets-modern look a here and you can ignore this hard. So a lamp would write seamlessly in quite different interior design.

Sconce brass

modern lamps and lighting Sconce brass

They fell just as we have in the light of Onefortythree? Is it not refreshing to find cheap, hand-carved, modern lamps and luminaires that make a strong statement? Do you have a favorite?

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