Modern Lamps Made Of Crystals And MOSS Represent Quaint Mini Worlds

Modern lamps – the crystals as inspiration for unusual lamps

How many times put it today with us modern lamps in the spotlight. These columns have but especially from all other light sources. They are made from real crystals and MOSS. The majestic beauty of the crystals inspired Lithuanian artist to create unusual luminous body.

You can enjoy the beautiful light effects by crystals

designer lamps crystals with nice form

And it’s a lamp?

designer lamps beautiful artwork with crystals

Lamps with crystals! Is there something? It proves that crystals for the production of lamps are suitable. A few Lithuanian artists who called themselves the “Shroom in the Room”, are the authors of this failed project. You believe that crystals are impressive; There’s something magical about them, if they seem. So, these whimsical lamps have been created.

The light is broken in a beautiful way by the crystals

designer lamps table lamp in the bedroom with crystals

The small eye-catcher that shine

modern light unusual table lamps with crystals

Designer lamps set always to amaze any forms and motifs. These beautiful lights are small landscapes, which put the imagination in motion. The artist of carefully selected elements of wood, MOSS and different crystals availed themselves for the production of this fascinating small worlds. So, it incurred exceptional works of art which emit light and delight the eye.

Combined with a mirror, attractive looks such a lamp

lights modern Crystal table lamp light dressing table

Crystals and MOSS together form a great whole

modern light crystals Moss

These lamps are great for the bedroom. They are also great eye-catcher in the living room. Put on the coffee table, they tie the look at irrevocably. They look atypical, what makes them beautiful decorative elements in the room. For lamps are not static, they arouse emotions…

Soft, shimmering light makes a cosy ambience

designer lamps with crystals and MOSS

Bring a fresh flair in the room

designer lamps design with crystals and wood

So, if you are the next time on the search for a new lamp, don’t forget that you can use both light – and Dekoakzente by the right choice. Lamps are multifunctional eye-catcher in every room.

A rich variety of themes with directed concept

designer wood lamps with crystals and decorated Moss

Gently illuminate the recreation corner

designer lamps for the bedroom

Decoration and light at the same time

designer crystals Luminescent lamps table lamp

Designer lamps are characterized by a unique look

designer lamps with crystalline blue light

Bring a piece of nature by lamp with crystals at home

modern light crystals and create Moss