Modern Landscaping – Ideas For The Amenities Of The Courtyard With Fountain

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modern garden design fountain In the courtyard

Modern landscaping with fountain

Do you like the flowing water? Would you like to integrate a fountain in the courtyard to listen to the water flow? Or maybe you could use at home so something good? Because thus more beautiful to make not only the atmosphere, you can contribute to the improvement of the humidity. We give you some modern garden design ideas with fountain, which might inspire you.

An attractive addition in the courtyard

inspiring garden ideas flowing water levels

Most people overestimate the complexity of the fountain. You are not as complicated as one thinks. The fountain works: it brings water pump for above. Then comes the water through a special gland and flows in the basin. Depending on the complexity, you need a different pump.

Elegance and style in the garden

modern garden design of handsome fountain

It’s good, if ever a stone path leads to the fountain. It should cover the area with pebbles. Because water will come out again and try to keep everything in the environment from damage.

Well planned garden area

modern garden design fountain stone way

According to Feng Shui you do without the garden a fountain. The combination with stones is also suitable. Because they wear the male and the water – the female energy.

You can also opt for a small pond, if one does not have sufficient space

modern garden design water stones

Check out this great idea, that is also an incredible indoor decoration.

A fresh phenomenon in the garden

modern garden design water stones decoration at the same time

But in some cases also the rough design looks pretty great. The flowing water is thus not less reassuring effect.

This idea is particularly relevant, because she can be created from recycled materials

rough fountain garden courtyard

Solutions, where the water steps falls down are particularly popular.

The water in a small jar inside, if the amount is not too large

attractive landscaping fountain stages

Gradually, the water flows

exterior original landscaping ideas

You can also make fountains with their own hands. It is also up to date.

DIY works also in upmarket interior design solutions are becoming increasingly popular

garden design original DIY idea

If you have a garden and water in large quantities in a well can, drain then we have a something rural, for here it is also a very great solution.

You need a stone slab and three easy tube from which the water flows out

water courtyard rural style

Nature-oriented design of this fountain

garden designing flowing water

Would you integrate because a well at home? What would this look like?

A concrete wall with taps

water tubes courtyard figures

Some extravagant

exterior courtyard design fountain

Tastefully and modernly

Brunnnen In the Innnehof garden

As a pitcher

creative living ideas fountain In the courtyard

Funny design

modern garden design ideas attractive funny

Create a beautiful recreation area in your garden

beautiful landscaping fountains include

The nature, you will feel closer

running water garden design

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