Modern Living Room – 50 Interior Design Ideas With A Twist

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modern living room design color pattern designer furniture

Modern living room design – 50 inspiring examples

What do you need to consider when setting up the living room? It depends on what is your main goal. Certainly, you want to achieve a modern and charming look. Plan a renovation of your old home or want to completely set up your new accommodation, you invest institution in modern living room.

In this post we present 50 examples you, which you mentioned above aims can serve as inspiration.

What makes a modern living room ? The components that we find most important, are as follows:

-Modern furniture – (modular) living room sofa, coffee table, flat-screen TV, bookcase, (decoration) fireplace

-Clever lighting – floor lamps, luminaires, recessed lighting, chandeliers

-Wall design with a twist – wall paint, wall tiling, patterned wallpaper, wall paintings and works of art, glass wall that offers a beautiful view

-Meaningful color – vibrant mix of color, fabric pattern, harmonic neutral colors, color accents

Designer furniture and Interior trends

lighting designer floor lamp wall design ideas living room design

Lighting ideas and designer lamps in the living room

The lighting in every room plays an important role. Consider how you could use your living room scene thanks to the lighting. Here you find some useful ideas.

Insert floor lights and recessed lighting in the living room

lighting ideas designer furniture wooden floor mezzanine living room design

Opt for built-in led lights

lighting minimalist modern living room design color designer furniture

Magnificent chandeliers

lighting Kromleuchter artwork of modern living room design color accents white

Designer lamp in silver

lighting floor lamp light modern living room design designer furniture

Check out the Designer lights by Tom Dixon at

modern living room design minimalist wood floor look patio glass wall

Living room furniture and designer interior ideas

What furniture are part of your living room? You must make this decision, but the basic principle for certain furniture in every living room space. Normally, the living room is sofa in the Center. Comfortable chairs and seat cushion could complete the seating area. On request, you can make also a reading corner with a little library. The flat screen TV is mandatory in any modern living area. Take a look at the following examples and shaping your modern living room according to your own needs and preferences.

Double row of bookshelves that are movable. So the TV can be hidden desire

living room design Bookshelf flexible white Chair footstool

Designer Chair with foot stool. Here , you can more designer relax Chair look at

modern living room design minimalist black white designer relax Chair

Corner sofa and coffee table to the TV is the usual arrangement of furniture

wall design modern living room Bookshelf Modularessofa

Ceiling height bookshelves with blue accents

Bookshelf wall color blue sofa modern living room minimalist

Decorative fireplace in the living room – a modern alternative

decorative fireplace In the living room living room set up armchair minimalist recessed

Clean lines, harmony and contrast refer to the modern style

living room design modern designer furniture decorative fireplace

The Eisessel (left on the picture) is one of the most popular designer pieces of furniture

modern living room design designer furniture Eisessel fireplace cushion

Relax chairs for your relaxation and give the room a modern look

modern living room Deseigner furniture recliner chairs living wall

They are experimental, innovative proceed

modern living room design designer furniture TV chairs

The typical living room furniture showcase

living room modern design minimalist sofa armchairs fireplace

The living room sofa is the main character. Devote your full attention to this purchase

living room sofa modern modular light grey seat

Fun pop art deco pillows

living room sofa cushion pop art bottom color light pink

Unique wall decoration above the charming sofa in bright blue

living room sofa modern Blau Wanddeko carpet

A magnificent specimen in white

living room set designer sofa mirror wood stone contrast

Wall decoration and glass wall

White walls are so boring! Numerous options are available, how you can decorate your walls in a creative and original. Also see our section “wall decoration” extensive ideas on

I think the best way is the glass wall, which offers a magnificent view. The glass wall allows the penetrated by plenty of natural light into the living room and your apartment can be a part of the environment (city or nature).

Exhibit works of art on the walls of the living room

art works of art mural wall color wallpapers modern living room design

Graceful fashion illustration

modern living room design art mural glass wall light color

These are also considered works of art furniture here

modern living room design color designer furniture art wall decoration

Living room interior design ideas with artful touch

modern living room design floor lamp designer furniture artwork mural

Enjoy nature in your cozy living room

glass wall view of nature modern living room design patio sliding door

Minimalist furnished living room with sea view – fabulous!

glass wall window look nature modern living room designer furniture sofa couch table

Modern living room in the middle of the Park

glass wall window view of nature modern living room design

The glass wall allows great views of the mountains

glass wall window view of nature modern living room minimalistic set up

The living room seems even more spacious

glass wall stunning views of modern living room of natural light

Modern living room with exit to the garden pool

modern living room setting up modular sofa glass wall looking pool

In the heart of the city

living room apartment look City glass walls furniture in white

Apartment in a world city with views of the river

living room set up floor lamp corner window view zebra pattern

With views of the skyscrapers across

living room set up glass wall Ottoman sofa

Yet stylish idea with glass wall – can this also as a room divider serve

living room modern design glass wall as a room divider

Apartment with mezzanine

modern living room design color accents designer furniture mezzanine dining area

Colour design

Would you like to color? Create a vibrant atmosphere and thereby put your favorite colors to use.

Thanks to significant nuances and their effect, you could change your living room great. Here are 100 ideas for wall colors in the living room that you could vote also on the principles of Feng Shui doctrine .

The effect of colors in rooms – green has a relaxing and calming

modern living room wall color green designer chair wall

Houseplants and runner in green grass, combined with white and beige

living room set up leather corner sofa coffee table

The natural wood color radiates warmth and looks inviting

mural wall cladding wood living room design lighting ideas

The sunny yellow is a warm, energetic and cheerful color

living room set up color yellow floor lamp retro accents

Purple is the color of the year 2014 and will transform any living room into a modern ambience

living room set sofa purple purple color of de year

Modern art in the living room

living room modern design color modern art designer furniture

Color accents in turquoise blue!

living room modern Gestalten Blau Weiß black glass door interior garden

Sofa with rounded shapes and coffee table in pink

living room design modern contemporary furniture glass wall zebra pattern carpet

Orange is a startling shade

Living room Asian-style with small accents in red

modern living room design In Asian-style Pebble relaxation corner

Red for the main color

living room design modern furniture red white contrasts

The classic color combination black and white

wall design modern living room wall idea sofa

This modernly furnished living room be frame wooden beams in black

living room set black white beams gloss

Modern living room in grey with designer furniture

living room design modern designer furniture geometric pattern

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