Modern Living Wall – 8 Inspiring Examples To Go After

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modern wall living room sofa white interior design ideas carpeted wooden wall

Modern living wall – wonderful living room with TV

How to be on exactly the TV?  This question is very important for a long time. Because the TV is not always very good look.

But in our few examples the solutions are super chic and fit. Even they can in many cases seem classier than before the ambience. But so that you can get the desired results, you must adhere to some very simple rules. Today we come to speak on this.

The first example (image top) is ideal for people who like during the day to watch TV. To put a sofa in front of the TV. The diameter of the two should roughly coincide. You need something to lean on the feet and the enjoyment is full.

The second example is TV, which can be moved to different locations, (pictured below). Here, one has a glass panel with a black film, which you can move. Therefore, to move the image. So, no matter where you sit, you can look at television.

Flexibility means modern

modern living wall living room sofa interior design ideas carpeted floors

In the third example you have relied on natural materials and nuances. In the background you can see the TV, which has been assembled by a plate on the wall against a matching marble background.

Natural materials and earth tones

modern wall living room design interior design ideas

In the fourth example experience such as the charming character of the fine, send screen. This one looks like a great image which inscribes itself seamlessly into the rest of the environment.

Cleverly incorporated flat-screen TV in the wooden wall

modern wall living room design interior design ideas wall color turquoise

In the next example it is assumed the perfect positioning for the rest of the body. Then you made this the ideal positioning of the screen. This floating lineup has proven to be on the right. The frames are white, to make perfectly inscribe themselves in the atmosphere of rest.

Relax and relaxation

modern wall living room interior design ideas wall cladding Wood TV glass wall

Leather and canvas predominate in the materials of the next room. The footstool, which now stand with their backs to us, provide a mechanism where you here and here can turn. So you can contact quietly to the TV, if you wanted to.

Leather and canvas

modern wall living room interior design ideas color beige Brown curtain ideas

So a giant screen fits perfectly in the large room with free installation. The leather furniture on the sides determine the context of the area. However, there are chrome armchairs to the free distribution.

Give a feeling of luxury

modern wall living room furniture interior design ideas wood wall TV wall

The ultra modern living room here is absolutely completely with the big screen and curtains before. A real cinema, yet so cozy, only at home how. Great, or? The super great furniture made from environmentally-friendly leather.

Home Theater in a modern setting

modern wall living room designer furniture Home Theater curtains purple blue

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