Modern Set – 60 Ideas, How You Followed The Philosophy Of “less Is More” When Setting Up

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Tips on how to set modern

“Less is more” is a new approach in the Interior. It is an always valid principle, which you gladly followed when selecting a beautiful living and furnishing ideas. This however has a new meaning in modern design again and again. What mean designers and home owners these days? We want to try to give an answer to this question?

Modern set – trendy furnishing ideas for the open plan living room

living ideas living room geometric carpet stone wall staircase walls white

Establish modern – interior design ideas for small living spaces

modern living room set up carpet pattern dark sofa bright dining area walls green accents

Living area with futuristic interior design makes a cool impression

set up modern carpet of Red armchair white walls modern living wall

Colored furnishings and white walls are a trendy combination

furnishing ideas Red Corner sofa cool coffee table white walls

Make more out of a tricky layout

Really modern-minded house owners and designers look forward to the irregular floor plans. They are considered not- as a benefit. The original floor plans are a challenge and a source of inspiration to create something completely original and unique. “The skeleton” of the apartment may seem quite original and edgy.

Shades of Brown and black – an elegant color combination for the living room

set up modern black carpet beige furniture open floor plan hang lights

The wooden furniture by little green spice up

modern set up residential open plan bedroom dining room green

Black accent wall and wooden beams are a strange on first sight combination that occurs but pretty

set up modern open floor plan small space set wood accents-grey wall

Open living room and clearly defined zones

“Less” means many very modern apartment concepts that you need so much space. You should be reduced by the number here and but have a more or less open floor plan. However in this context, is probably the logical question that should be followed here which means. You can win “More” room for waiver on the walls. In this room, you have even more room for creative and unusual solutions. There the different zones can be shape, which can satisfy also the wide variety of functions.

By carpets, one clearly secretes areas

modern living room of dining area rugs set

“Something more” from a usual element

Each apartment takes elements that break up their boring appearance. This works in the modern designer concepts primarily by that to make “something more” out of the usual elements. Take the stairs as an example. By modern design concepts, they can both aesthetically, as also functionally much further beyond the norm. You can be a real highlight and housing expansion.

Modern interior design with stairs

modern living room set modernes staircase white furniture carpet pattern

Decorate the walls in an attractive manner

modern set up stairs wanddeko living ideas

Furniture and decoration

The previous “less is more” ideas related to the design. They teach us above all, how we can make the most of a modern floor plan, which might sometimes irregularly. How can we but understand the modern principle ‘less is more’ on the furniture and accessories?

Furniture in matching colors combine

set up modern carpet dark floor lamp mirrors Strip

Opt for things you really love

The first here to be observed rule is that you must decide for furniture and decoration that you really love. At best, it would be if they particularly liked according to its aesthetics and functionality. The very modern interior design ideas are equipped mostly with many features. They refer in the varied ways, how they affect the room aesthetically as well as to the function that will take in the room.

Homely and fresh fashion the modern living room

set up modern carpet areas secrete grey sofas

Secrete the areas of colour

living ideas green carpet green Chair yellow accents living wall

Decorate the staircase

modern set up color white decorating staircase walls

Cool furniture transform the modern living in a beautiful place

modern wohmzimmer white cooler Chair white bottom set

Decorate with flowers

modern living room set dining area glass table open living plan

The Division into zones

We stay a little longer on the issue of Division into zones. Here is the “less is more” principle also very important. It has many ways to home clearly to define the areas basically. You can do this but according to modern understanding with minimal effort. Have you noticed that the zoning through pictures and carpets is incredibly popular? These are pieces that simply love many people. Their presence is only ever truly entitled in the eyes of many, however if they fulfill a practical function. This may be just the parts into zones.

Make the living room in neutral colors

modern open floor plan set up brighter carpet wood floor areas

Made to measure in all dimensions

There’s the modern furniture already in the shops in much more different masses, as this has ever been the case. This is because that most home owners and designers with as few pieces of furniture want to adapt the space to its functions. In practice, it means that the selected elements must comply with the dimensions of the concrete apartment in height and width.

Choose the right furniture

modern set up small space design living room kitchen colour scheme

Spacious look also the small living room

modern set up residential open plan living room dining room glass doors

The special shapes and heights of furniture have a more important function. You can ensure that a too boring room phenomenon is broken. You can provide many concrete examples. Typical is the use of shelves and other pieces of furniture, which vary greatly in their form.

Spice up the open living plan with green curtains

living ideas living room set up floor tiles light green sofa walls open living plan

Pictures, carpets and other decoration and accessories are also an area where can be playful with the size and shapes. This is especially true if you want to define the different zones so that.

Combine coloured pattern

interior design ideas living room cool carpet pattern bright walls blue accents

The combination of different patterns makes the room appear more interesting

modern staircase set up dekoideen door home ideas

Wood is cool in a grey environment

modern grey carpet set up white walls stairs potted plants

Simple and refined pieces of furniture mix

Less is more can also mean that you buy better less expensive pieces of furniture. Combining with less expensive pieces that fit well to the designer furniture is quite allowed. You can be present in a large number.

Furniture combine with modern and functional design

interior design ideas open living plan stone wall accent wall floor tile stairs

Cosy and nice design interior design

set up modern indoor stairs geometric carpet yellow walls

Mix and match principle

The mix and match principle can also often equate it with the “Less is more” approach. You can mix different fabrics and patterns and so with few resources and limited space provide plenty of variety.

Patterns give more comfort the living room

living ideas living room sample pictures combine cozy bright curtains

Refresh the living area by plants

home ideas small living room carpets plant areas

Caution: Less is more principle in the design can be addictive!

Some essential, but by far not all forms are of the “Less is more” – principle in the current theme. Based on these you have but it certainly realized that it can create unbelievable from difficult circumstances and small spaces! You can make a small room appear incredibly large and from tricky floor plans create a masterpiece in design.

Of course, you should be careful that you also comply with the other, classic concepts in mind. You are, by the way with the modern “less is more” approach also comparable. Because in modern apartments, it combined various styles.

living ideas living room glass table Design floor tiles glass

modern set up areas emit more open living plan wooden floor

modern areas set up secrete sisal carpet white corner sofa design living room

modern areas set up paint fireplace dark floor tiles

modern dining area areas set up separate

set up modern open plan areas secrete

set modern open floor plan kitchen living room interior design ideas

modern set up residential open plan floor tiles suspended led ceiling lighting

modern open living plan Orange sofa set secrete grey carpet kitchen

modern set up more open living plan chic living room furniture-white floor

living ideas living room pictures carpet pale yellow walls hardwood floors Red Roses green dekokissen

modern open floor plan set up curtains flooring wood look

modern living room set up stone elegant carpet wall fireplace

modern living room set up carpet stone wall accent wall

furnishing ideas eclectic room wood floor vintage items

furnishing ideas eclectic living room colored carpet pattern combine

interior design ideas helllila chronicly of oval wall mirror walls

interior design ideas small living area rug brown white sofa floor tiles

interior design ideas small living room walls roof sloping wood accents white

interior design ideas open plan of dining area living room carpet

secrete interior design ideas of kitchen grungriss photo wallpaper areas

interior design ideas bedroom books plant floor

furnishing ideas home ideas living room purple armchair curtain pattern elegant carpet

interior design ideas living room dekokissen round beige corner sofa coffee table white walls

interior design ideas living room areas brighter carpet pink sofa curtains Strip

interior design ideas living room dark grey carpet round coffee table white walls

interior design ideas living room glass table piano areas corner sofa

interior design ideas living room open living plan white ambience

interior design ideas living room Strip carpet round tables grey sofa

interior design ideas living room carpet light blue accents fireplace

interior design ideas living room carpet runners dekokissen wanddeko

interior design ideas living room plant coffee table-pastel carpet

interior design ideas living room of wanddeko pictures elegant carpet bright walls

interior design ideas living room zebra coffee table white carpet open living plan

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