Modern Sofas – How Many Types Of Sofas Do You?

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Modern sofas – different types and designs

Belong to the people, which split modern sofas in great and not-so-great models? They distinguish them maybe even after its form: you could be a corner sofas. Yes, most of us can also detect when it is a noble and even to a designer piece.

Living room sofa without backrest needs to be covered with many cushion

modern sofas divan sofa living room cushion pendant

White corner sofa combine with red chairs and create a nice color contrast

beautiful sofas living room set sofa white red chair

The sofa is the focal point of the living room

modern sofas sofa living room carpet ceiling design

But there are some clear types of sofas. For appropriate choice in terms of the own interior design, it would be important to know about these. That’s why we offer insight. Most are classic, but at the same time, they provide the basis for many modern models.


Chesterfield sofas are modern, but they are also a classic choice. They are very popular because of their specific noble-looking upholstery.

Chesterfield Sofa can seem noble to the living room

modern sofas Cheserfield sofa living room set furniture

Brown Chesterfield Sofa, which is nicely accentuated by the world map

modern sofas Cheserfield sofa living room wall decoration world workbook

Modern sofas in Lawson style

The most convenient of all are according to many people this kind of modern sofas. The cushions are distinctive for this which provided the rest. This one seeks a gentler, more comfortable effect.

Refresh through the sofa cushion and easily make

beautiful sofas Lawson style sofa living room Orange accents

Lawson is in classical style, but in many modern sofas are executed.

Modern from the middle of the 20th century

If they say modern sofas , you think sometimes this older style. The modern 20th century refers to a style that is typical for the decades between 1940 and 1970. Many current models relate.

Orange retro sofa

beautiful sofas Orange sofa cushion wall decoration

Modern retro sofa combine with colored carpets and create a fresh interior design

beautiful sofa mid century modern sofa orange colored carpet

English style

Modern sofa designer interpreted also this style very much. He is known for his low armrests and the relatively low backrest.

Sofa in the English style attracts the attention

beautiful sofas English sofa glaring red white carpet living room


The luxury can be casual and less binding. These show models such as Bridgewater. They are wonderful for a modern, upscale interior design.

Create a stylish ambience

beautiful sofas Bridgewater sofa living room set up cool coffee table coloured carpet

Camel back

The designation of these sofas refers to the curved design of the rest. The exposed legs and the frame are made of wood and make the whole thing a lot more noble look.

Camel back sofas are impressive

beautiful sofas, camel back sofa living room different patterns

Cabriole sofas

The cabriole differed from the others by their oval design of the backrest and armrest sofas. The whole thing looks like a cast.

Comfortable cabriole sofa

beautiful sofas cabriole sofa cushion living room set

Chaise lounges

Chaise lounges are a conservative luxury solution, which is still very popular to this day. Some models have a arm and others – on none at all.

On a chaise lounge you can relax wonderfully

modern sofas interior design ideas beautiful sofa day bed

Modern Sofas for sleeping

Many of modern sofas offer sleeping option. You can be expanded for this purpose. Even at this modern sofas, there are several different types.

Pull out

The most common and most are pull out sofas. This model was invented 20 years ago. However, it is unbeatable in the eyes of many users in terms of functionality.

Pull out sofas are particularly functional

beautiful sofas sleeping side table cushion Interior ideas

Black pull out sofa

beautiful sofas of different models sleeping sofa leather couch black cushion


The futon is a combination sofa and bed. The two functions can be used without that it is stretched out.

Round futon sofa

modern sofas round black leather sofa living room set up fireplace

Functional and modern design

modern sofas black futon sofa leather living room set

Day bed

The spontaneous afternoon nap is becoming increasingly important in our stressful everyday life. It probably assumed the inventor of day beds.

Day bed with a floral pattern

modern sofa day bed nice pattern floral black white


We conclude with the King of classic and modern sofas, with divan. It has no rest. Therefore, it must be placed on a wall. It is important that you have many cushions, on which you can lean on.

Sofas can be a real eye-catcher

modern sofas light blue divan sofa cushion no backrest

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