Modern Table Lamps Of Glass – Wonderful Lighting At Home

table lamps of glass designs modern

15 wonderful glass lamps for your House

The interior decoration at home becomes ineffective without good lighting. Modern table lamps made of glass play a special role. The room works through these bolder and where one feels an enthusiastic mood.

Good lighting makes for an elegant dealing with the budget and for an appearance, which are great for the eyes.

In particular, it comes to brighten your mood as much as possible. Find out the dimmer – or normal light -, what will improve your mood!

We have compiled various table lamps. No matter whether it is can be found to girlish DIY design, exciting curves at the tables, table lamps for men or girlish models for the bedroom is – are you in one or more of these examples into.

Let us look at the 15 lights here. You show great variety in terms of sizes, shapes, colors and style. Such lamps are not only brighten your room, but comfortable and warm make the ambience.

Bexley glass lamp – modern table lamps made of glass

modern table lamps of glass lamp base white

This glass lamp has a particularly warm aura, don’t you find?

Snowman glass lamp

modern functional table lamps of glass transparent

Here we see modern table lamps made of glass – clear glass. It’s about the appearance of a snowman. She can be wonderfully placed in the bedroom or the living room.

Dome table lamp made of glass and polished nickel

modern table lamps of glass traditionally

Here you will experience the Crystal surface, which enhances the light from the lamp.

Artemis clear lead table lamp with lamp shade

modern avant garde table lamps from glass yellow

The Artemis table lamp shows a stylish avant-garde design that will fit quite securely anywhere in your home.

Ely table lamp

modern table lamps of glass refined

This lamp is characterized by its White Lampshade with Aqua base. It is very adaptable and very good at different points in the room.

Ashton lamp

modern table lamps of glass lamp shade

That little detail at the neck of the lamp here reminds of a ring. Together with the smoky glass provides a super great effect. The silhouette appears very bleak and thus it forms a contrast to the corner, which illuminates it in space.

Rembrant Michglas Torchiere lamps

modern table lamps from aesthetic glass

Here you can see a few vintage Rembrant lighting. You look stylish and very well designed.

Table lamp made of glass or bronze with strikingly Lampshade

modern table lamps of glass lamp base

The luminaire is fitted with style and harmony: the completed base metal has been harmonised with hand-woven form.

1960 gold and Murano glass lamp

modern Muranto table lamps of glass grey

This type of lamp is classic. This prevents them from but to brighten the interior decoration in a fascinating manner. Their charisma appeals to the senses. While the gold and glass shades play a very important role.

Mercury glass lamp metallic

modern table lamps of glass Monochromatisch

This Quercksilberleuchte is gorgeous and striking due to their dramatic-looking surface. Distinguishes itself through its Lampshade, her backside is been protected by a hard material.

Green glass table lamp

modern table lamps of glass round

This table lamp made of glass has a great pumpkin-shaped body with a green surface. It has a wonderful knitted base.

Mercury base forms a table lamp

modern table lamps from vitreous

If you would choose for a form at your table lamp, then this will give certainly charm your home.

More bubble bath light

modern table lamps of glass forms

What does this light for unique and artistic elements? Maybe it’s the glass base, which was carried out in a circular shape and glass design. All together allows for results of the highest class, which is this great conventional.

Sundays Eman sky table lamp

modern table lamps triangles glass black lamp shade

With their cleaning glass surface and design, this lamp will contribute to a modern facility. We want to buy now all here at home on Freshideen for us.

Table lamp with a glass ball

modern sphere table lamps from gleaming glass

This glass-like lamp gives more shine to your coffee table.

Considering you light fittings already for themselves now? Not doubting the good results. You will create a picturesque and charming ambience of your room.

No matter whether you decide for a contemporary or classic style, this is a great way to brighten up the room.

Hopefully, you could inspire here 15 modern table lamps made of glass to your own personal great solution.