Modern Terrace Design – 100 Images And Creative Ideas

balcony design decoration beautiful plants

100 inspirations for modern terrace design

Stylish next to the House and uniqe set up, everyone wants to make the Atrium, the porch or the balcony with taste and creativity. Tropical plants or furniture, fresh decoration or fireplace, you want inspiration, to complement the general concept. The modern terrace design decision offers many possibilities and trends of which you might choose. The first question that occurs to me is whether you want a wooden or stone terrace. Think about it still? Then please note that! You to can get from the House, so the kitchen or the living room, without any differences in level to the House terrace. The differences in the level of House to the garden or the terrace are always difficult. To build a wooden terrace preferably where level differences between the House and garden are available. An advantage of the wooden terraces is that they can be installed absolutely just. The care of the material can be a disadvantage of such terrace. Terraces with a plaster or pavements are durable, if they were properly created, and need hardly a care. Please, note it with stone terraces that rain water can drain properly.

Be creative in the Interior and exterior

terrace design table chairs fruit flower pot


decorating patio design wood floor Bank lighting

Beautiful necklace from pink plants

balcony design Deokideen rattan furniture pot plants

The furniture are further important bullet in balcony design. You appear the most as the center of the terrace or garden. The garden furniture are those which give a face of the terrace or the balcony. They offer not only seating, but also help to organize the free area.  The most popular materials for garden furniture are wrought iron, plastic, aluminum, rattan, and natural wood. Wood furniture cost more, but heat – and feeling of longevity. One should not let the above weather furniture from rattan and aluminum in contrast to plastic furniture. Regardless of what you will decide to don’t forget also the available space.

Small terrace with large sitting area

balcony design ideas couch white furniture decoration

You make no matter whether you opt for wood or stone terrace, rattan – or aluminum furniture, stone paving or classic pavements, a little research, get fresh ideas. Here I give you 100 inspirations for modern terrace design.

View to the sea

balcony design furniture from wrought iron plate table chairs

Sunny roof terrace

balcony design modern 2 concern plants

Romantic corner of the balcony

balcony design modern comfortable decoration

Fresh cushion against a dark background

balcony design modern decorating Chronicly candles pendant lamp

Enjoy the snow in the Jacuzzi

balcony design modern decoration Jacuzzi candles

Granite flooring and modern sofa

balcony design modern Gestalten

Modern design with a small pond

balcony design modern pond Bank decoration

Lanterns create a cosy atmosphere

rooftop terrace design ideas light

Roof terrace with fireplace and romantic lighting

rooftop design original lighting seating

Innovative decorating for modern terrace design

decorating equipment ideas fireplace garden furniture

Integrate the terrace barbecue

design ideas for patio furniture cushion sofa table BBQ

Original lamp creates modern appearance

glass terrace design modern lamp

White accents on the gray terrace

grey roof terrace seating area figures decorating

Great roof terrace with futuristic, hidden lighting

great rooftop design decorating neon lighting

Stone paving and gray furniture in harmony

harmony balcony design pendant lamp modern design ideas

Make roof terrace with wooden ornaments and fresh decoration

modern balcony design design rattan furniture seating decorations

Relaxation area with magnificent chandeliers

modern balcony design chandelier round table

New York rooftop terrace with unique view

balcony design New York glass table chairs decoration

Have you seen something?

modern pool on the Terrace balcony design

Magnificent lounges at some levels

modern balcony design romantic seating areas decorating planting

Simple outdoor look with modern decoration

modern balcony design decorating flower pots round table sofa

Romantic atmosphere for unforgettable moments

modern balcony design decorating table seating

Leather furniture with Evergreen plants

modern balcony design design white furniture green plants

Small sofa with bright color patterns

modern balcony design colorful seating areas evergreens

Modern terrace design with comfortable seating area

modern terrace design beautiful lighting seating

Round-shaped decorations

modern design ideas patio design decorating

Wooden terrace with lounges and Jacuzzi

modern balcony furniture flowers Decorating Interior ideas

Falling lights

modern balcony chic lighting table chairs

Stone balcony with built-in pool

modern balcony chic pool concerns living ideas

Swim under the tree

modern terrace architecture design pool lighting decoration

Haughty for demanding tastes

modern terrace garden figures

Futuristic furniture in wood with orange accents

modern terrace Gesatlete design ideas dining table pendant luminaires

Batman inspiration

modern terrace design Batman inspired motorized

Atmospheric terrace design

modern terrace design In outdoor Pergola furniture


modern terrace design Panther contemporary design

Decorate with beautiful lights

modern terrace design magnificent pendant luminaire lounge fireplace

Sofa with round stools made of rattan

modern terrace design rattan furniture Dekokissenbeleuchtung

Roof terrace with rattan furniture and fireplaces

modern terrace design rattan furniture fireplace

Stone furniture contrast compared to the burning fireplace

modern terrace design stone furniture wooden bench

Futuristic piece of furniture on the balcony

modern terrace design patio furniture basket innovative design ideas

Terrace decorated with water feature

modern terrace design water feature decoration

In unison with nature

modern terrace design contemporary furniture rattan

For the fans of the party

modern terrace bar design bar stool

Covered terrace with many stools and nice decoration

modern terrace design wicker furniture decoration seating

Large bar terrace

modern terrace design lighting barstools

Modern terrace design furniture made of wrought iron and stone table

modern terrace design wide room fireplace sofa decorating

Recreation area with colored cushions on the floor

modern terrace design decorating vertical garden design

Atmospheric balcony with pink carpet

modern terrace design decorating furniture carpet stool table

Grass chairs and green landscape as an accent

modern terrace design decorating Chair decor lounge

Splendid idea for design of terrace with waterfall

modern terrace design decorating waterfall pool fireplace

Orange and Brown in great combination

modern terrace design Decorating Interior ideas ambience flair Orange accents

Covered terrace with round stools

modern terrace design futuristic stool pool lounge

Original decorating of patio design with wooden wall and flooring pebbles and wood

modern terrace design Pebble wood flooring seating cushion plants

Partly covered terrace Zebra patterned pillows

modern terrace design in small balcony striped cushion design ideas wicker furniture

Small balcony great OASIS

modern terrace design in small balcony large OASIS

Rattan furniture with colourful cushions

modern terrace design Kormöbel textile sofa Pergola design ideas

Romantic reading area on the edge of the world

modern terrace design reading corner In the free decorating

Glass table in the Center

modern terrace design ideas cushion plants table Chair

Modern terrace design on some levels and bath outdoor

modern terrace design tub outdoors stairs decorating concrete plates

Look to the sky

modern terrace design interior design ideas balcony furniture capsule

Yellow – grey design

modern terrace design interior design ideas yellow lamps patio furniture tables

Small terrace platform on pebbles

modern patio furniture umbrella

Two armchairs

modern terrace beautiful lighting

Soft and airy with Rosa

modern terrace vacation every day Rosa plate

Balcony design with roofing and wooden furniture

modern tropical terrace design patio furniture

Candle and lantern lighting

Terrassengestaltun modern table design ideas Chronicly

Stylish seating and lounge corners in black

modern terrace design table design ideas cushion seating

Dining table in the open air

modern terrace design table design ideas chairs

Comfortable on the small balcony with wicker furniture and marble table

modern porch design rattan furniture decoration Chair

Glowing ball

eco modern patio table chairs decorating lighting

Balls made of Evergreen plants and high plant beds as screening

terrace design green plants seating

Sitting next to the fireplace

terrace shapes modern lawn fireplace floor lamp furniture

Wood Pergola and yellow lighting

terrace design Pergola wood table bench decoration

Steel Fireplace stone surround

terrace design sofa table fireplace plants

Sit in the rectangle

terrace design white sofa decorating wooden floor

Fireplace in stone wall

terrace modern design seating table

Original lighting ideas

terrace modern Gestalten great lighting

Roof terrace with Invienna

terrace design modern bar Chair wicker furniture

Dining table in the open air

terrace design modern design ideas dining table Seko pillow

Dining table in the open air with vertical garden design

terrace design modern dining area planting decoration candles

Modern terrace design with pool and circular sofa

terrace design modern fireplace round sitting pool decorations

Plants under roof and outdoor sitting area

terrace design modern purple rattan furniture candles

Design with tiles as road map

terrace design modern furniture futuristic tiles road map

Purple track as design concept

terrace design modern furniture rattan sofa purple design ideas

Rattan sofa with more storage space

terrace design modern furniture rattan storage room summer house

Tropical flair

terrace design modern pool loungers candles decorating

Intimate lighting gives the terrace design style and class

terrace design modern round seating area fireplace lamps Chronicly decorating

Chess flooring

terrace design modern beautiful decorating chairs table

Stone walls radiate eternity

terrace design modern sofa rattan furniture table

Balcony design in two levels with lovely planting

terrace design modern floor lamp sofa table decorating plants

Fireplace design with pebbles decoration

terrace design modern enclosed hearth sofa

Modern terrace design with stone

terrace design modern white lounge window

Weaving fence

vertical garden terrace design modern decorating

Heavenly inspiration

balcony design soft Blau decorating round sofa

Chocolate milk

balcony design wood floor nice seating area

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