Modular House Interior – The 5 Room-in-a-box

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modular Home Interior Home Office neon lights

Modular House Interior

For the space-saving fanatics who would not leave even one square centimeter, or for the minimalists who’s always want that everything works smoothly and simply, this collection could be the final (if too ambitious and not cheap) be all-in one solution.

The design of the Boxetti has made Roland’s Labbo collection to reach all main types of residential premises, “fueled by three basic principles of design, functionality, technology and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each module of the Boxetti is designed so that it achieves maximum efficiency of special needs for functionality and suitability.”

Minimalist living room

modular Home Interior minimalist white

The refrigerator is hardly to be seen – everything has its place

modular House interior space-saving furniture for kitchen cabinets and refrigerator

Five cases form the basis of this system: the box in a bedroom with a bed, wardrobe and others, a living room sofa and tables box, a Media Center with TV, music player and stereo speakers, a Home Office with seat and work surfaces, and a kitchen with storage, cooking and food preparation surfaces and areas. Each box used the same language of the angular geometry, gleaming white exterior paint and warm Orange Interiore.

Sofa and coffee table – great creation

modular House interior space-saving modern and creative

The kitchen countertop is compact and elegant

modular House Interior innovative kitchen furniture

The designer says: “the ability of the modules on compact solid blocks to be rebuilt is design concept crucial to create a freely accessible and comfortable space. The Boxetti collection is a handmade product – with the quality of the materials and the structural and technological solutions it is exclusive.

An ultra modern sink in Orange

modular House Interior ultra modern sink in white and dark orange

Save space – all in a box

modular House interior space-saving furniture bright bedroom with wardrobemodular House Interior large bed for two yellow

Her home office times differently

modular House Interior compact living area from building blocks

Smart Modular TV Dresser

modular House Interior TV Ganz Anders

A view from the bird’s eye view

modular House Interior bird's eye view

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