Monster Carpet Without Cruelty

cruelty Monster fur

Luxury runner 100% free of animal cruelty

Joshua Ben Longo starts to sew at the age of 12 and since he has as a single task, to make known his works in all proven ways.

The young designer cartoon characters and animated films loved as a child. His mother however looked horror films and Monster stories on their shared evenings in front of the TV. That greatly influenced the perception and the later work of the young man. He loves Monster everything and love accompanied him throughout his life, even today.

Joshua Ben Longo is the young creator of many felt Monster

cruelty monster before the the author

By Joshua BB´s creations can renounce the world on animal cruelty

cruelty monster before the seat cushion

All of his works, drawings, sculptures and objects bear the monstrous mood of memories from his childhood.

He got up to now much rejection, but also enough approval. He sees both as challenging, because both give him strength and endurance. And without endurance would be not so far, said Joshua himself.

The monster carpet, which we want to present you today, is like the other pieces of his collection, made by hand. Animal cruelty is here! Joshua Longo tells himself that he is passionate with his hands. He loves to sew, to cut, to create and to correct. Like every creator is also Longo in the search for perfection and a part of its perfection would be z.B that his carpet Monster can be officially established.

A fur before the fireplace, without having a bad conscience for you

cruelty monster before the fireplace

The design of the carpets in all sizes available

cruelty monster before the mass

Currently Joshua starts its independence in relation to the monster and has an ongoing project at the startup company “Kick start”. The desire of the designer support in making this is to get in many ways of suitable carpet runner. Everyone can help directly on the computer.  Through social media, it would be the easiest way to make this rug even better known. Friends and acquaintances may also like to look into it and continue to say!

For a better idea of the Monster Maker adds its portfolio

cruelty monster before the collage

People, the Jushua BB´s work and style have influenced: Vivienne Westwood, Jim Henson, Phillip glass, Lee Bontecou, Tim Hawkinson, Charles and Ray Eames, Gene Kelly, Eva Ziesel, Brancusi, Noghuci, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Kubrik, Tony Robbins, David Bryne, Freddie Mercury, Willie Nelson, Murakami, Brian Froud, Rembrand, Salvatore Dali, Walt Disney, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin.

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Charakterstarker and low-maintenance “must have” carpet

cruelty monster before the on the back

A sympathetic, which can have a place of honor in the children’s room

cruelty monster before the nursery