Natural Interior Design – Practical Ideas And Clever Tips For You

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Design Shabby Chic rustic natural corridor

Interesting examples of great boards of classical art

If you are looking for a suitable place in your House or apartment, which classically to set up, the Hall is certainly a very good choice. Well, normally, you should since have a staircase and an average space available. Also the below examples correspond to these requirements.

But smaller boards can spice up themselves with the help of inspiration from today’s examples. It’s just your attitude and creativity. With these, as well as with a bit more taste they provide the best possible impression even upon entering your home.

Create a personal atmosphere

natural corridor design feats far East glass lanterns porcelain vases


The first thing you need to do is to seek out matching classic pattern for the wall. Here you have more than one option. The obvious thing to choose the wallpaper with classic patterns. Another possible option might be that you hang a great tapestry on the wall. So keep a bold accent, to which the whole remaining design “turns around”.

Depending on which of the two alternatives you have selected, you could take even a carpet runner for the stairs. This put a great effect with it.

Decorate your walls with a classic wallpaper pattern

natural corridor design fresh white hydrangeas black vintage chest of drawers

Combining original historic features

Some people are lucky enough to have original historical elements in their planks. We mean from an earlier era, form bars or other decorative items. You could look for patterns on the wallpaper and other decoration, which absorbs these elements and reviewed. The original decorative pieces yourself may pimp in a modern shade on. The original, you won’t find!

You can put also vintage pieces of furniture made of wrought iron in the corridor area

natural corridor design chest of drawers marble wrought iron

Antique furniture

Antique furniture write of course wonderfully in the classic cream Interior. For a modern man, it is somewhat unusual to integrate them. The effort is worthwhile however. A console table looks especially nice in the middle of the Hall. Antique chest of drawers and drawer units are also very appropriate in this context. It looks great if you would position a mirror it.

Decorative wall plates are also no idea schleckte

natural corridor wall plate wall decoration designing

Ornament – walls

Large printed ornamental wallpaper would be the easiest way to achieve this. You can reach even greater elegance of course plastic decoration.

The topic “Birds”

The subject of birds is also quite classic planks.

Occur often on wallpaper with pink and light neutral

birds pattern natural hallway staircase area wallpaper

Bright and spacious

Neutral colors beautifully illuminate the bright and spacious halls. Combine with dark classic furnishings for a fabulous contrast. You easily continue the palette on the walls with rugs on the floor.

Coordination of colors

The dramatic look has little to do not with the color coordination. Search for classic, striking colour combinations. What’s with black and white, with red accents?

Drama on the ground

Classical elements in boards certainly do not exclude the modern drama. This easily introduces you by modern contrast full carpets. This eclectic look is quite harmoniously with neutral wall decoration. Alternatively, you do different nuance pairs with geometric patterns.

Broad stripes are quite refined

figures natural floor flooring carpet striped

Carefully introduced, cool details

Flash modern details fit to classic plank. This you should however be careful, introduce them step by step and observe the effect. Sometimes enough just a few metallic umbrellas by the door!

Shabby Chic with rustic overtones

natural corridor design furniture

If you stand on nostalgia in the Baroque style

natural corridor design Baroque table

Round shapes and stylish, contemporary design combining

natural corridor design round shapes high-gloss modern design

Classic pattern and masculine charisma

natural corridor design round wall mirror black sideboard

Put on simplicity in the decoration

natural corridor design umbrella stand

Summer ease with natural materials

natural corridor design Shaker style baskets

Retro wallpaper pattern for a romantic touch past

natural corridor design carpet

Tables are round not so out of place

design staircase area round wood table natural corridor

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