Natural Living: Home Furnishings Ideas In The Style Of The Environment

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Of course living – environment-style home set

The quest to transfer the heat of nature, home is basically not new. But she got a whole new meaning in the context of modern development in the last century. She has to do quite a lot, as urban life is understood as such. Because the environmental style is Yes an urban style.

Of course living and a modern living room furniture, consider pull

programmer living wohnideen living room modern wohnwand white walls

The environmental design is the result of a basic human need, which was in the meantime almost forgotten. The modern man who surrounded himself with high technologies in a sterile setting, has recognized that it needs the energy of nature.

The environmental style is a way to draw, without however draw a line under the so far providing integrated urban life once again.

Of course living Wohnplan with interior stairs – open

living ideas living room dining area innentrepen railing glass

This urban context, as well as the proof that modern life in large city centres does not exclude the sustainable environmental development, make up the unique character of the environmental style!

Now, against this background, we should consider all the formal peculiarities and characteristics.

Minimalism and Scandinavian style, environmental style

There are many similarities between the minimalism, the Scandinavian and the environmental style. You have all so to speak a very similar appearance. All three styles very much on natural colours and textures, bring plenty of light inside and put a priority on the width of the room.

Minimalist interior design trains

of course live lounge set up floor panoramic window tiles grey sofa

All three styles give you a mood which makes possible the relaxation and reflection, as well as the healthy life in the apartment in the city. The environmental style but creates this really best. Because he not only to imitate the natural forms, but integrated into the design of the House the true nature.

An apartment in the style of environment has one or more Islands with lots of greenery, which will give you a totally new feeling of life.

The colors in the environmental style

The furnishings in the style of the environment dominated by the green color. Under the natural colors especially they should be selected, which connect people with nature.

Green, Brown, blue and yellow are those which we combine with a relaxing and picturesque landscapes usually.

A practical tip, the designer again, recommends to imagine something concrete as an example. Think about a mountain, a lake or a wildflower meadow.

The dominant shades should radiate heat. They can create contrasts, but they would have necessarily something calming and relaxing in itself.

Living room with a warm radiance

living ideas living room stone carpet wall wanddeko

And we repeat it here again, because it is so important – you need as much green as it goes, and so little black, as it is only possible.

Materials and processing of surfaces

Solid wood is the main material in the natural style. Often it is not even polished, because getting the natural appearance is so important. For this, you painted the surface. Wooden beams are very often used for the surface treatment.

Wall-paper made from bamboo or paper are appropriate and often preferred. Continue to using natural stone and ceramic tile very much.

Floor covering from being

living ideas living room floor tiles stone plant

Bright living room with black accents

living ideas living room bright floor tiles round rug

Take comfort in the bedroom by stone wall and warm colours

of course live bedroom stone wall carpet

The shape of the furniture should be as simple as it gets. Without a carved decoration or other expensive items.

For the floor, you can apply even parquet in addition to the aforementioned materials.

The environmental style gives you also the possibility to show more imagination. You should feel free to add all kinds of furniture, who enroll organically and harmoniously in the interior design. For example the woven furniture would be suitable.

Modern weaving furniture with natural look

living ideas living room Flechten furniture plant

For greater transparency, light and that the important element – water, come to the fore, much glass is used in the interior design. A typical example is the use of the glass staircase design.

live open wohnplan dining area bedroom of course plant


In the interior design of the environmental style, there should be as much natural light as it gets. In building a House, an unconventional distribution of Windows, which serves exactly this purpose can be found often.

of course, modern living room live

In addition, the Sun within the selected color palette should be present.


The decoration, we also draw inspiration from nature environmental style. The details are plentiful, but they enroll so harmoniously into the general picture, that they are not pushy. They serve, like everything else in nature style of also the charming mood and relaxation. The same also applies to the textiles, which are abundant here – in terms of furniture upholstery, curtains and even decorative pillows.

of course live glass stair railing stairs

natural wood furniture dark gray sofa living wohnideen living room

of course live living room set blue carpet, white walls

of course live living room Setup ideas furniture straight lines

living ideas living room floor ceramic tiles

living ideas living room floor tiles chic Furniture lighting

living ideas living room ceramic bodenfleisen wanddeko

living ideas living room white carpet cosy

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