New Catalog And The Extended Reality IKEA

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Augmented reality – the clever technology with great potential

A slightly newer invention, which can be understood as an additional information structure is called augmented reality or even augmented reality. Usually the additional information in 3D format and appear in the case of an augmented reality app directly on the display of your electronic device. The whole thing sounds perhaps first a bit confusing, it is actually pretty intuitive and very user friendly. There are even AR goggles that showing you additional information to each object or even every person you see at an event. These can be the good thing, only you and you alone see. The augmented reality might sound like a game and it is of course of great importance, as has become clear with the world renowned Pokémon hype for the gaming industry. The interest in this relatively new phenomenon has been shown in recent times but rather on the part of marketing. The largest, market-leading companies have invested much in augmented reality apps and other technologies: trend! Because the potential that lies in it, is really enormous. With a minimal investment of time and totally for free can the customer in a matter of seconds much more detail information about a new product and this even right watch format alone from all sides in 3D.

By AR glasses experience augmented reality

augmented reality agmented reality virtual reality ar glasses

Augmented reality clearly has a promising future and will change most likely in the next few years, together with the rapidly developing virtual reality, our notions of economic, totally science, art, entertainment and even everyday life. Now you can collect many insights in this respect.

VR goggles, VR cinemas and new VR games and apps are nothing new for many, but almost commonplace. Especially the younger generation is extremely enthusiastic and takes the new technology like more and more in their lifestyle.

Of course also something in this direction has been in the residential area and set up. The big in the industry, such as IKEA, for example, are one step ahead as always and eagerly experiment with augmented and virtual reality. So, the leading Swedish furniture manufacturer developed an app that causes miracles together with the annual catalog.

Set up with augmented reality

advanced reality agmented reality ikea furniture ar glasses

The augmented reality app from IKEA

By downloading the IKEA app for augmented reality, you get simple catalog using your Smartphone or Tablet much more from IKEA. This possibility is available already since a few years and it is becoming more popular and popular. Learn in this way not only of the numerous application variants of the desired piece of furniture, but you can see actually visually just format it in 3D in your own four walls. Everywhere where you want it and in all finishes and colors available. Very quickly and easily – without the annoying pulling and lifting of heavy objects. Everything happens only in your imagination, and on the screen. Real magic? By due! Augmented reality is simply a logical sequence of human evolution, which is only the endless capabilities of the brain and is promoted by the eternal quest for the unknown.

So if you 2017 always have not received the new catalogue from IKEA, get this site or order it online and take advantage of this unique opportunity, different way to set up your home. It is really fun!

With the augmented reality app from IKEA are becoming an interior designer

advanced reality ar augmented reality app ikea catalogue

All you need is to download the augmented reality app from the app store for iPhone or from the Google play for Android from IKEA and then catalog to scan the pages of the IKEA. Now you can put even just the catalog anywhere in the room, where the piece of furniture you would imagine and using the app and the camera of your mobile phone, the selected product is promptly emerge before your eyes. You can even take photos of them and compare them later, show friends and continue to additionally consider before you decide to buy a piece of furniture or home accessories. Augmented reality is not only fun and easy to use, but it saves you precious time, nerves and money too of course. No unnecessary running paths, no no rush, no stress…

See your dream set up in advance!

reality advanced ar augmented reality app ikea 2017 collection

So it works with IKEA and augmented reality

An exciting future, especially in view of the innovative technologies and constant scientific developments awaits us with security. In this future, sure augmented reality and virtual reality will play an increasingly important role. Actually no doubt more. The only question is: how far can we go? Will our communication, our fellow one core being, our values and world views completely change? Be we the winner or the loser of this rapidly progressive evolution? All questions that only time can answer.

The door to a virtual universe is already open… the only limits that still exist, are they of our minds. Or as they say in English: ” sky is the limit!”

Augmented reality in medicine

advanced reality ar augmented reality app holograms

Welcome to the world of infinite knowledge!

reality advanced ar augmented reality app holograms innovative technology

Create the dream Interior through augmented reality

augmented reality ar augmented reality app interior design set

The matching watch is also quickly and easily found and tried

advanced reality ar glasses of agmented reality watch

Proper food choices and a healthy life augmented reality can contribute to too much

augmented reality reality ar glasses agmented product

You are in good hands with AR anywhere in the world

augmented reality ar augmented reality app smartphone tablet

The Pokémons are on the rise

augmented reality ar augmented reality app tablet smartphone

Creativity Gets a makeover

advanced reality ar augmented reality future 3d technology

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