New House Of 8 Weeks In The Modern Style

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new abstract art paintings and dark purple carpet

New house within 8 weeks

Want to visit a House, has achieved a modern eclectic style by just over 8 weeks!

Short after the designer of Shirley chisel with the complete renovation for a family with two children was done, the parents learned that they expect twins. Then with the new baby, the House has become too small for the family. It has already the nose full of the renovation work, and so she found another House that needed only cosmetic changes. So within eight weeks from the House for the move was finished, to paint the walls, stain the floor areas, purchasing new equipment and new decoration.

View of the House

Who lives there: A family with 4 children (9, 7, and 3 year old twins)

Size: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

As firstly should the rooms be agreed. The floor was stained brownish grey colour, the walls were painted white and the door locks in the black.

Purple splashes are used everywhere in the first floor. In the foyer, it is to see in a cross ancient carpet of ELTE. The image and the Bank have been set up for the family.

The designer says that the eclectic mixes are her favorite. Since they very natural look, as if you had for years collected the things and not bought a showroom for two months.

She has ordered also the chandelier as conspicuous focus and artwork here. She has the dining table and chairs from the former owners, but keep the chairs in black in colour. A very large mirror reflects the light everywhere. The kitchen used to be too traditional for the taste of the owner, but the open space, the countertops of black granite and the open shelves were diverse and modern conducted for the new look enough. The open shelves are a good solution for the storage and exhibition of tableware, vases, and others.

Eclectic and artistically in the living room

new home bright and spacious dining table with lemon yellow accents

The designer painted the window in welded steel by Benjamin Moore. The Sun passes through the glass products on the shelf. The changing of the colors of the handles and door latch on black is not expensive, but noticeable changes the space.

Great kitchen design in white with open shelves

new House contemporary kitchen design in white open shelves

Walnut cabinets constitute the work station and parking. I wanted to have it as a separate piece that is in harmony with the rest of the House, says the architect.

Simple Walnut Cabinet and shiny pendant lamp in black

new abstract elegant furnishing and black pendant lamp

The House has other two family rooms, therefore, this living room is very formally set up. Around the fireplace is black painted so that it looks modern.Has the Juju was originally designed for the previous House which it was family, but are easily moved, and is available as purple splashes in the room.

Round side table and fireplace with filigree metal ornaments

new home metal ornaments on the fireplace and purple accents

An armchair and footrest are an other splashes of purple. The glass collection has started in the old House, now it is exhibited in the living room.

Neon yellow glasses on the shelf and ergonomic chair in purple

new House abstract ergonomic chair and yellow dish

The family room should dramatically and be cool. The accent wall paper wallpaper is a wonderful backdrop for a simple, not modern bed.

Pastelfarbene, colorful pillows and unusual wall decoration

new House colorful zigzag pattern and pink In the bedroom

Midcentury icons – Jens Risom worktable and Saarinen head of Chair – make a modest desk in the family room.

Mid-century mood in the workplace with yellow Chair

new home very discreetly in the workplace yellow Chair

The minor son of the family is a Star Wars fan who has won several cups of hockey. The Cabinet was first meant for the family room in the old House, but now fits in this room.

Winter trees wallpaper pattern and great single-fold wall clock

new House winter trees wallpaper pattern single-fold wall clockThis is a room on the third floor of one of the daughters. Here we have a black wall in a bright room where white even brighter and fresher looks.

Colorful Quiltmuster on the bed linen

new House colorful In the sleeping loft

This is the older daughter’s room. She would have everything in pink, if she had a choice. It was difficult to enforce, but ultimately we have other colours and white.

For the romantic type – many roses in pink

new style floral pink yellow and grass green

Finally, we have a home that is warm and at the same time sparse, each piece was carefully selected, so that it is functional and pretty. The family is so happy with the quick adjustments that she can wait a bit with the kitchen and bathrooms.

Elegant candle chandeliers and modern art

new House dining room with large paintings of candle chandeliers and parquet flooring

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