New Living Room Design: Inspiring Example From Buckinghamshire

new living room design decorating tips and ideas

Would you redesign your living room? Here are some classic ideas with bright accents

Until a few years ago: taking renovation and innovative design often with the Spice it up by structures in connection, that are at least one or two decades old. Usually, when a building needed urgent improvement was made such acts.

That has changed rapidly in recent times.

Fresh decorating tips from experts

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Make the most of the floor plan

One of the biggest innovations in the Interior of the last years was that you can see the layout of the Interior quite differently. He represents a constraint, and increasingly a field of possibilities less and less in the ideas of designers and House inhabitants. Wait for the right idea and the right moment to rediscover the floor plan.

A clear indication is becoming increasingly popular fashion of open housing plans.

Open living room

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A great example of Buckinghamshire

The apartment that we present today, is an example of this type of development. The house owners own the property only for some years. You have implemented a conversion but shortly afterwards. This came after a careful analysis of the opportunities offered by the housing plan. It has the clear objective, to exploit them in favor of more pleasant and more comfortable living as possible.

This was urgently needed, because here lives a family couple with two children.

We take a newly renovated apartment for example

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Fresh colors and striking decorative items and home accessories

living room new figures couch table round decorative home accessories vases

More room in the basement

The first thing you had reach, was the spread of the basement. It has accommodated the common areas there. The designers of LLI Design have created everything unnecessary out of the room. The abundance, which makes the whole thing more comfortable, comes from the intelligent Deco – the curtains and textiles.

Specifically, you removed the old wall between the kitchen and the living room. That opened not only the space, but caused more natural light in the apartment in General.

This effect was reinforced by the choice of the color palette for the creation of the wall. It was held in neutral shades of white and gray. Thus also the iconic decorative pieces are strongly to the fore.

Also be achieved, that the industrial character of the institution is to recognize more clearly without having to put too many such decorative items.

Make room for a cosy reading corner

new living room design corner set up

Change the functions

Some rooms remained structurally unchanged. Their functions were changes however. You became a TV room and venue for the children.

Trend furniture use as an eye catcher

new living room design Eggchair red living room furniture

The modern TV wall simply belongs to the living room design

new living room design TV wall flat screen TV

Convenient kitchen

Within the open living plan, you defined the kitchen as the focal point in the House. This was done by the new integration of a great kitchen island made of frosted glass. Their beauty is emphasized by the magical background, is characterized by elegant shelves and great designer lighting.

When is the event you at home as far as?

The kitchen as the focal point in the open plan living room

new living room design open living room kitchen island

Purist kitchen design – one of the kitchen Trends 2015

new living room design open living room modern kitchen

The dining area can be seamlessly inscribe themselves in the kitchen

new living room design open living room kitchen and dining area

You can simply refresh the neutral colors with fresh flowers

new living room design open living room dining area

The minimalist style is present even in the bathroom

new living room design modern bathroom-short term rentals set