Noticeably Change Building And Living – Your Quality Of Life!

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The healthy building and life changed immediately noticeable the quality of our life

What exactly does it mean to build healthy and live? This has primarily something to do, to overcome the threshold between us and nature. Because there is no healthy life without the close contact with nature. The natural building and the natural life not mean but to stop the industrial progress. It comes to everyone for the closeness to nature works and makes it possible under all circumstances, including in urban environments.

Afford building and life – quality of life

build and living tips to improve quality of life

Maintain contact with the natural building and living – tips on how to

build and live energieeffezienz tips

Save energy by solar systems

living ideas energy saving tips solar systems

Saving of energy

A significant achievement of industrial progress in this respect is the ability to save energy without compromising this and at the same time so that our quality of life.

Solar systems, energy-saving light bulbs, covering of facades with plants or other natural materials, which at the same time provide good insulation and clean our air, are just a few examples of modern efficient living.

Tips on how to save energy at home

build and live energy efficiency solar systems

Select energy-efficient light bulbs

build and live energy saving tips

Creepers adorn the facade of the House and help you to save energy

build and live facade Creepers

Today we accentuate on two more aspects of modern, urban living. We use this as an example, to show how a healthy, natural life in the city is indeed possible: you can contribute to maintaining the environment and better health. The two themes of this article on healthy building and living treat our own garden production and the application of healthy products in everyday life.

Gardening and garden production

The modern garden care is an essential part of the modern urban construction and housing. As a result of numerous innovations in science, and thanks to the modern design trends, it will be possible even on very small surfaces to produce their own vegetables and other products in the garden and in the House.

Make a small garden on the balcony

residential garden vegetables make balcony

It would best if we build your own house with a courtyard in an urban area of course. You can make a private garden in a modern apartment house, on the patio or balcony. It can consist of flower pots, hanging baskets are a further, very good option. The most modern and innovative are the so-called vertical gardens. This way, you can cover certain areas of wall with green plants. You provide for air cleaning and at the same time manage to grow certain products there.

Vertical garden evokes more fascination

residential vertical garden plant natural

In question come tomatoes, avocado, Aloe Vera, different types of peppers, herbs. Decorative Palm trees, rubber and other trees and shrubs serve as modern decoration and make our environment healthier.

Home to grow Aloe Vera

build and live plants grow aloe vera

By their very nature make the small balcony

plant healthy living ideas balcony design ideas live

Such an approach is also good for the development of children. You will grow in the midst of nature and learn to properly deal with this. Also, they will be less susceptible to allergies and other typical urban diseases.

Vegetables in their own garden produce

living ideas your own garden vegetables grow

Provide lots of greenery on the balcony

herbs make living ideas balcony grow

Pergola and other similar plants for your garden area

On our website we write very much about the various gardens. We have stressed time and again that they bring us much pleasure and spread out our living room. The fact that the Pergola and other types of roofs are quite environmentally friendly and healthy was somehow not very much talked about.

The Pergola is a particularly practical garden

build and live plants garden ideas pergola

Pergola bench with cushion

dekokissen residential ideas garden ideas pergola flowers

But since the question is, why it is, that such equipment made of wood are created. This material is reassuring for our senses and thus stabilizes our body. Also, the wooden materials are a wonderful base to spread grape vines and other plants. Pergola and similar conditioning helping our ambiance so to ‘breathe’ better. If you want to apply more time and effort in, you can produce even a certain amount of grapes or even own wine…

By Creepers adorn the Pergola

residential garden design pergola flowers vines

Yes, you must apply much force, so that you can maintain the plants. However, this is very good on the other side. So, you have a minimum of physical activity, which keeps you in shape every day!

Cleaning products, which are based on plants

All chemical cleaning products have environmentally friendly alternatives. If you maintain a larger or small garden, you can produce even this partial itself. But it must be also not complicated. Healthy products that you use in cooking, can help you for cleaning in the home.

There are many good examples of this. The washing soda may be replaced by scouring milk. You can use vinegar to clean the bathroom. In the health food stores, you will find also stronger cleaning agents, which sometimes even exceed the effectiveness of chemical products, and thus not more costly come out. In particular, they pay off by improving your health.

Prefer healthier alternatives to chemical cleaning agents

living ideas healthy lifestyle natural products to clean select

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