Open Shelves – Functional Storage Space Ideas In The Form Of Shelves

Open shelves – how to properly use the design potential of open shelves

Everyone seems to have the open shelving his own opinion on. Some people love the modern trend to use them not only in the kitchen, but anywhere in the home. Others find the idea daunting. But no one remains indifferent. Basically we can call following advantages of a room design with open shelves: we keep all necessary front in the open shelf systems and can use our collection of beautiful great scene.

Open shelves serve well in the kitchen

home ideas kitchen crockery open shelves plant

The disadvantages are associated with the care. If something is visible, it must be frequently dusted and cleaned. The harness should be representative, each broken piece becomes a problem.

Open shelves, arrange and decorate

living ideas food open Wall shelves rustic metro tiles

Open Wall shelves in minimalist style

home ideas kitchen open Wall shelves wood decorations

We want to convince you with the info in this article of it, that the benefits are actually more than the disadvantages. Is this attention too much on the second.  In our examples, learn how to properly use the design potential of open shelves.

Open metal shelves on the kitchen wall mount

set up kitchen shelves ideas storage space modern interior design ideas

Make the most of the most popular pieces

Plates, bowls, glasses and cups – these are the most commonly used tableware pieces in your home?  Distribute them boldly on open shelves. Sort them by shape and color. Mapped according to this principle, they will look good, even if they are not really all the same look.

What map on the open shelves?

living ideas food open shelves wanddeko wallpaper

Guests can enjoy many advantages in this type of shelf design. The harness is easy to get. In addition the daily use will ensure that less dust and dirt that accumulates, so you have less to clean.

Modern kitchen with open shelves

living ideas food open Wall shelves white kitchen island roof sloping

You will be easier to sort everything

Ware is constantly before your eyes, it can easily again to sort and so you keep the superfluous stuff not too long. Order and minimalism determine the atmosphere in this way naturally at home.

The open shelves provide more clarity

living ideas food kitchen island-open Wall shelves

Wooden Wall shelves and green desktop

home ideas kitchen open shelves green desktop

Arrange everything makes sense

Organize everything at home so that it makes sense. After you did that once, the rest can be very easily and after aesthetic criteria better arranged. Get also the matching tools. Do you have many high shelves? Have a nice head to ready that you can switch easily?

Arrange the shelves makes sense so that they are usable

open shelves wooden rustic white walls

Open shelves are good in the country house kitchen

open shelves white order home ideas kitchen

Leave space for a few closed shelving

The open shelves are yes no duty in the living room design. We all have ugly dishes at home, we still would like to use. For this, as well as for many other things you can find place in closed rack cabinets. Provide a unified look through the use of the same materials.

Kitchen cabinets, wine racks and open Wall shelves offer a good storage space

kitchen shelves white metro tiles

Special room for the heavy objects

Just when the open shelf you must calculate very well the load that has to wear it. The heavy objects should be placed below and also you should consider well their distribution, so that the one or the other place is not burdened not to.

Distribute the items correctly

open shelves bright kitchen furniture beautiful flooring

Metro tiles and open Wall shelves

tiles open shelves home ideas food metro

Emphasize the artistic aspect

The open shelving systems work well when the artistic aspect of its design is highlighted. Bring color and unusual dishes out, distribute ornamental plants, sculptures and cookbooks between this. Make your own art installation the open shelves and enjoy the beautiful results!

Modern ideas for the storage space in the kitchen

set up kitchen shelves ideas beautiful food back wall yellow walls

Exhibit colored dishes on the Wall shelves

open shelves modern ideas storage space green carpet

Make the small kitchen with many open Wall shelves

home ideas kitchen open shelves kitchen island bar stool

Country house style and Wall shelves

living ideas food open shelves dish arrange

Symmetrical Wall shelves in the kitchen

home ideas kitchen open Wall shelves contemporary kitchen island hardwood floors pendant

Functional Wall shelves with an attractive design

open shelf metal storage ideas kitchen

Storage ideas with Wall shelves

home ideas kitchen modern Wall shelves dining area