Oriental Decoration For Your Very Special 1001 Nights Finding

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Oriental decorative Arabic decoration Orient

What you should know about the Oriental decoration

Have you been in the Orient? Or maybe you sometimes dream. Yes, the fairy-tale Orient has fascinated many of us in our childhood. The tales of 1001 nights sound is still in our memory and take us into the magical East, where the eternal summer reigns and where the stars appear at night more. Thanks to today’s multiculturalism and the lightning-fast development of new communication technologies and the international trade, it is possible to feel closer to other cultures. Benefit, and introduce an exotic flair to your home. Oriental decoration would be a perfect opportunity.

Elaborate elegance from the Orient

Oriental decorative lanterns plate glasses stand silver

Nowadays, there are a wide range of beautiful items and home accessories that come from the Orient. Of course, you can purchase many of them quite easily online. You can design your whole home or just a single room in the Oriental style desire. Oriental decoration can be combined with a modern, minimalist style, by focusing only on certain elements.

Pleasant serenity and soft, silky

Oriental decoration low dining table wood seat cushions silk gold

What are the most important guidelines for the Oriental décor?


Let us first start with the colors. Strong shades are particularly in demand. Warm tones such as yellow, Orange and Red are very popular. In combination with azure blue or purple, and purple, to reach the optimum effect. Silver and gold may lack also in any case. If you like it but more subtly, then you should set rather to neutral shades like beige, white or light brown.

Azure blue for more freshness and a mystical touch

Oriental decorative pendant lights metal wall decoration ethno pattern

Colourful feast for the senses

Oriental decorative Moroccan colorful colors

Patterns and ornaments

Typical pattern for the Oriental decoration are those related to the vegetation. Vines, blossoms and leaves are very popular and also arabesques are called. It is exactly the geometric patterns and ornaments. You can find these everywhere on screens, hanging lamps, candle holders, wall decoration, tiles and kilims. The art of calligraphy is not to forget.

You can see the Arabic characters often on the walls, teapots or large bulbous vases and bowls

Oriental decorative teapots colorful carpets runner

Filigree patterns everywhere

Oriental decorative large vases wood Chair retired

Antique Persian wooden chest

Oriental decorative wooden Truhe Persian

Moroccan Lantern – the symbol of the Oriental furnishing style

Oriental decorative metal Lantern silver


When it comes to textiles, silks and velvets are in the first place. Not less popular and even cotton, organza and Brocade are suitable. You can attach quiet thin veil over the bed and combine them with colorful cushions and soft, colorful carpets.

Natural materials and soft fabrics in bright colours

Oriental decorative striped textiles Chronicly

Heavy, colorful Persian carpets, fine silk and soft Velvet

Oriental decorative lanterns hanging lamps Kalerwa fabrics floral pattern


Scented cedar wood for the furniture, real leather for the pouf, stained-glass for mosaics and ceramic tiles are just a few of the most important materials used in the Oriental style. Many accessories are made of precious metals such as silver, gold, copper and brass.

Golden vines on fine porcelain

Oriental decoration coffee set porcelain vine pattern gold

Stained-glass and splendid mosaics

Oriental decorative stained-glass window wood carvings

Now you need to look a little more on the Internet or to go to the right home accessories on the next flea market and find textiles for your own personal, oriental atmosphere. Much success!

Typical Moorish wall tiles with floral patterns

Oriental decorative wall tiles colorful floral pattern

Modern Oriental ambience

Oriental decoration of Arab Interior golden ornaments carpets

Orient meets modernity

Oriental decorative Arabian style modern

Authentic nostalgia for oriental art

Orientalischorientalische Deco side tables metal tray wooden bench wood carvings

Introduce certain elements in your interior

Oriental decorative pendant chandelier metal Wanddekkoration

Bulbous, heavy brass Bowl

Oriental decoration heavy round bowl iron

Meaningful combination of colors for your bedroom

Oriental decorative wall color curtains vibrant colors

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