Other Plans For The Bathroom, Which Perhaps Could Well Fit To You!

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bathroom spotted brown wall tiles

Interesting facts about the bathroom

Old and young generations have very different points of view! We always knew that. But who could imagine that the bathroom could cause such controversy!

Some studies on this topic have shown clearly the Division according to age groups.

Most home owners over 65 tend to avoid the bathtub as such. To a smaller extent, this applies to people under 35. The reason is pretty handy. People under 35 expect to have still children, very likely to want to use the bathtub.

In addition, the shower for the elderly is much easier to act, especially if they have any physical limitations. The bath also proven way plays an important role at resale.

But it doesn’t so much matter in older people, because where this less in question is!

The free-standing models are much more popular among the people who opt for bathrooms with a bathtub,

bathroom freestanding bathtub spotted ground

Studies show that also very clearly. The models represent alternatives which incorporates one or require a lower mounting.

There are large differences between young and old in the shower in the bathroom.

People under 45 is much rather opt for showers or multiple shower heads

sand-coloured tiles limestone bathroom

However, prefer people over 55 in the showers hand showers and cross handles.

There seems to be also a great Division with respect to the toilet in the bathroom.

52 percent of people prefer an open bathroom , which hid the toilet behind a door.

Prefer younger people between 24 and 35 years of wall mounted models prior to the traditional models, however

bathroom floating vanity unit shower

As a fundamental of renewal of the bathroom, the improvement of devices specified in most people. The glass without forms is one of the most popular choices.

79 percent of people want a complete glazing for their shower and 54 percent of this would rather forego the frame

bathrooms white shower glass

The lighting is also very important. It often provides the assurance of natural sources of light in the bathroom and opts for many LED lights in it.

New Windows are also at the top of the list. 48 percent of the people want to insert a new window and 48 percent want to light at the basin level.

This is not enough but 7 percent, because they want light also on the shower head

bathroom shower mosaic tile

42 percent of people plan to a seat in the shower

bathroom bench shower marble look

I think that it comes from Winston Churchill… “why I should be, if I sit?”

Most people want a colored bathroom, but at least 32 percent opt for neutral shades

bathroom vanity unit cabinets drawers

Brushed Nickel is the material drawn by 26 percent and another 24 per cent are fans of polished chrome.

So the tip is in the faucet surfaces! Where are you located exactly in this statistic?

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