Penthouse Apartment Set – 35 Inspirirende Ideas

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adventurous design of roof apartment Bookshelf window

Set up their wonderful roof apartment

Do you think that your home constantly is the balance between your personal life and the excitement from your job? Who needs not an oasis of peace, where you can relax and escape the everyday stress. If you times have made thoughts about it, I will give you my decision – a cozy attic apartment set up.

Stay on top of the world

bathroom on the roof of Interior design ideas bath tiles

As a first step, you must be sure that the building has been well isolated. All the rest is in your hands. Most roof apartments have small space, which you should make clever and reasonable. For example, in the living room, you can integrate a kitchen niche, to gain more space. Always remember the general planning if you want to put together different corners in a room. I.e. ideas one to look out for the colours, styles and design so that you can provide a consistent.

Clean white

bathroom In the rooftop apartment white tub

If they still fluctuate, I’ll my motives inform you why I would set up a loft.

-The skylights flood the whole apartment with plenty of light.

-Curtains are not binding erfragt.

-The balcony is not large, but has a great view.

-Sloping ceilings call always an architectural interest.

-If you have skylights, you will have wonderful and romantic night views.

-Imagine as you stand in the tray directly under the Sun!

-You can almost feel the raindrops on the roof.

-Our apartment looks like a single world on the top of the building.

Enjoy the great views

comfortable rooftop apartment with balcony sofa flowers

To sink to the atmosphere? If so, you can set your wonderful attic apartment. In the meantime, you serve fresh ideas with my 35 pictures on the roof.

Rustic kitchen on the roof

roof apartment setting up sloped ceiling kitchen

Kitchen and living room set up

roof apartment setting up kitchens and living rooms

Gentility with glass doors and wood flooring

roof apartment with magnificent views of glass door flooring

Bathroom design ideas

penthouse apartment set up bathroom shower

Wood-beamed ceiling

penthouse apartment set up flooring white walls of wooden beams ceiling

Integrated kitchen

penthouse apartment set up kitchen dining table sofa of decorative

Design ideas for compactness

penthouse apartment set sofa bookcase dining table


roof apartment set up white kitchen hid lighting

Bright penthouse apartment set up

roof apartment set up as OASIS decorating Chair Stoof table

Coloured Interior

penthouse apartment set up living room of Interior wooden beams coloured

Flower-shaped wall decoration

decorative small bedroom on the roof

Elegant white furniture

elegant living room roof furniture decorating

Cosy atmosphere and fresh decorating

cosy apartment on the roof of small room

Modern interior design ideas in the roof apartment

great modern penthouse apartment set up leather furniture

Wooden kitchen set

wood kitchen roof small cabinet bedroom

Black Zala decoration

interesting decorating for loft wall decoration kitchen

Classically oriented

classic interior design ornament Empire sofa table

Staircase with storage room

small kitchen in white home design ideas on the roof staircase

Bedroom and kitchen in one

small roof apartment sloped ceiling bed kitchen

Built-in powder room

creative living ideas roof apartment of built-in makeup room

Soft lighting creates heat

kitchen on the roof design beautiful lighting kitchen island

Luxury penthouse apartment with large Windows

luxury penthouse apartment design dining table kitchen island large Windows

Minimalist on the roof

minimalist penthouse apartment set in white bed

Magnificent glass ceiling

modern living room set up on the roof glass ceiling sofa

Staircase in black and white

modern staircase In the small apartment black and white

High ceiling in the bedroom

renovated roof bedroom interior design ideas bed blanket

Simple lines in the renovated roof apartment

simple furnishing ideas roof apartment

Arched window

living ideas roof living room arched window sofa table

Create much storage room

interior design ideas small room fitted wardrobe with storage room ceiling

All in white

living ideas simple design living room on the roof

Contemporary penthouse set

contemporary fireplace Gesatltung penthouse

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