Perforated Steps Off Copper And Plywood By Arup

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copper stair red Perfored fiberglass Villa Mallorca

Perforated staircase made of copper and plywood by Arup

In close cooperation with design architect Studio Mishin have developed the designers from Arup this three-dimensional and perforated copper staircase is designed as a focal point in Villa Malliorca. The lighting design with glass fibres accentuates the geometric, perforated panels of the stairs and creates a dramatic look this way.

Designer staircase made of copper and plated timber

red perforated Perfored design stair steps

The detailed design of the multilayered structure is built on limited Panel types and gives a uniform appearance and efficient procurement. “The installation is designed in such way, the structural panels are each other and reduce the visible connection”, says Jan Wurm, the leader of Arup in Europe. The result is a covering with about 200 square meter panels, including purified copper, plated timber with approximately 12,000 perforations by CNC waterjet cutting machine is developed and created.Read more information about it on the official site of Arup.

copper staircase lighting Perfored fiber levels Centre in the building installation looks impressive, massive and futuristic

Perforated plant in VIlla Mallorca

Spotlight fiberglass design staircase copper Perfored

The fiber light emphasises the peculiar staircase design

perforated stairs copper and plywood Spotlight design Arup

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