Plant Care – Air Plants As Great Decoration

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plant maintenance window hanging air plants

Suggestions for plants care

Had you ever bring a plant to the bad end? Do not take this as a reproach! That happened to me several times. Also with air plants. Although these are really easy to clean, they can be under. Maybe it’s partly because, we believe, they can not break down. So, we forget to pour them quickly.

If we but learn the rules of plant care , we help them to survive and grow.

Take care of your plants

plant care porcelain flower pots air plants

So how can you air plants in good health store? You need to thrive in a wide area without direct sunlight and from time to time must be immersed in water. Is it easy? More or less… Read on for more details!

Beautiful plants for decoration

plant care air plants decoration

Take care of the air plants

At this point, I would stress that nearly all air plants, which were shown in today’s article at Etsy Shop can be found. Yes, surely thats a good place to buy air plants. You can buy those in nurseries, garden centers, and sometimes even in the flower section of your local grocery store.

Air plants as table decorations

care plant flower pot bird and feather

One of the most common misconceptions is that all necessary substances out of the air exhaust this kind of plants. Actually, they need water! Here is the most striking sign that they lack such: the leaves begin to circle. And a more important rule is: water air plants, by soaking them in a sink, in a bowl or other container of type of.

Plant care with water

sinks floating plant care

Is your atmosphere somewhere in a dry place? You can water 2 to 3 times per week, to secure an optimal care. The moist atmosphere offers you more leeway. The immersion of the plant for 15 to 20 minutes is very helpful. Casting you can also refresh them thanks to a spray bottle between the. [Image of lifestyle and design online]

Let dry on a cloth

plant care air plants decoration

Before you then replace the air plant in the corner, you should leave them to dry in a well-ventilated area. This can be done on a suitable surface or on a cloth. Some experts recommend that the plant stays that way a couple of hours. Will guard it against water accumulating on the bulbous bodies and prevent rotting.

White macrame

white macrame flower pot Thrifted made plants care

That seems to be enough, or? But when it comes to air plants, you can find endless information on the Internet. Some people recommend rinsing the plants under running water and others – soaking. If you opt for the second alternative, you should expect with 20 to 30 minutes.

So how do you know, what is the right thing for the plant? In the next part of the article, we also come to speak.

Air plants hanging beauty

flower pots hand made Sammade plant care

Be careful on your plants

You still remember, what we have said earlier, namely, that rolled sheets indicate dehydration? Actually, it is really remarkable how much you can find out about your plant through observation alone.

You can find most of these air plants in containers and not in pots. You can take it out without much stress. You can so easily take to the side and just check whether everything is OK. While nothing prevents that happens regularly.

Geometric glass terrarium

As I already said, there are general guidelines for the plant care. But one should not confuse this with a magic formula. Often you must put on the principle of “Trial and error”. One or two such hold up remarkably well, and others begin to rot.

Some can also be more resilient than others. Watch and learn!

Flower pot in black and white

Flowerpot Melissa Maya pottery plants care

Still, one can say the following: If the air grow not as good as expected, this could be also lack light. Another explanation would be the low temperature at which they develop.

Air plants able to survive outdoors. Remember here that direct light is best for them and that is the best temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees.

Coloured beauty

air plants twisted acres plant care

Hesitate not to maintain your garden. This includes the removal of dead leaves and cutting off the ends of the dead plants. Through the right plants, you can reach good health care for your plants.

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