Practical Sliding Doors For A Rustic Flair

Editor   May 26, 2015   Comments Off on Practical Sliding Doors For A Rustic Flair

sliding light wood sliding doors

Sliding doors made of wood for any interior style

Belong to the people who pay attention to every single detail, or simply go on most things pass just in front of him looking? When have you at home we look closely at your doors for the last time? How will you describe these to whatever style they belong to? Or do you think a door is easy to perform their function and has nothing to do with the Interior? Today we will focus exactly on, we show you some ideas for sliding doors made of wood.

First, we provide the option of sliding doors from solid wood before that rustic look. You need to like only the institution in a country house style, to have these doors at home but definitely not. Quite the contrary, is one of the latest trends in the field of interior decoration, rustic wooden doors as a stylish change of pace in the modern interior to integrate it. This way you will reach a harmonious contrast with the strict and cold surfaces of the concrete and the open tiles, which are today fully in trend.

Functional symmetry in wood

sliding wood doors bathroom coarse grain

Especially oak is for a sliding door leading to the bathroom, very much recommended. This wood is not very robust and resistant to water, but also very quaint with its bigger grain. Depending on the tastes and colors, you choose your any wood shade. The sliding doors with signs of wear with a white shade are completely. Especially for those of you you are eligible that are chic shabby style. Rustic doors fit not only to retro and vintage bathrooms, but also to industrial-style decorated which are even to those who completely minimalist design.

For real Shabby Chic fans

sliding doors sliding door bathroom Shabby Chic

Of course, also very modern, you can decorate your doors – for example, with an accent shade or but all in white paint, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Also their space-saving feature not to do the decoration, the sliding doors comes last. They are not only handy, but save you also precious space, stay directly on the wall and no one stand in the way.

Were we convincing enough? At home, how could your sliding doors look like?

Cosy atmosphere with masculine overtones

sliding pine bathroom door

Quaint and stylish at the same time

sliding doors oak solid dark bathroom

Japanese bath and rough wood

sliding doors rustic myself doing Japanese

Oak radiates security and stability

sliding doors rustic wooden characters

Stand on the industrial style?

sliding bathroom glass panel door open brick wall

It’s also more discreet in white

sliding bathroom white sliding door

Perfect for the minimalist look

sliding bath door white modern

Add lively accents

sliding doors modern bathroom red door

Vintage bathroom in black and white

sliding white sliding door bathroom freestanding bathtub


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