Private Playgrounds – 13 Extremely Amusing Houses

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Private playgrounds pirate flair almost as In the ocean

Private playgrounds: extremely amusing houses

If you had your own pirate ship Fort, multi-story slides, a climbing wall, or an indoor Skate Park, would you want to leave your House? Some homeowners have built-in funny elements, to make lively and colorful home life of children and adults, and so they have created by their homes private playgrounds and amusement parks.

Home Library with a wooden slide

private playgrounds wooden slide with stairs Bibiliothe

private playgrounds wooden slide in combination with book re Gallen and staircase

Some bookshelves and a slide fitted into a set of stairs in the Panoramahaus by architect Moon Hoon from South Korea, irritating to children to spend much more time in this fun small space. In addition to these three functions, the stairs offer a stadium-style seats for a home theatre. Hoon said: “the Multipurpose room of stairs and slides brings much energy in this House, not only children, but also adults like to have this slide stairs. A fun house, full of action, for all ages.”

A House with indoor Skate Park

private playgrounds at home skating in a hunting lodge setting

An abandoned hunting lodge in the Woods Salzburg, Austria, was converted to a skaters dream, full of ramps and curved surfaces, so that it is at the same time an indoor Skate Park and a home. With the design of the professional born Philipp Schuster the Skate forest House retains its hut character with antlers, and sleeves, and rustic furniture.

A colourful House with spiral stairs, slides and trapdoors

private playgrounds colorful spiral staircase with glass

private playgrounds adventurous two-storey in dark red and bright yellow

Trap doors, slides, bridges and wide three-storey spiral stairs make this “magic OASIS” from Rogers and there Studio much more fun for children and adults as an average home. This House is equipped not only with secret doors, which lead to a slide to the next floor, it has also an oversized sofa, designed with a special design to the jumping and hopping.

Pirates playground with tree house and slideprivate playgrounds pirate flair almost as In the ocean

A floating pirate ship bed room with rope bridge form a magical bedroom, and everything in this fun house by Kuhl design starts. A hidden slide winds up three floors, starting in the basement with a climbing wall and video golf room.

Three-story slide and ball bath in Tokyo

private Spielplätz ball bath three-story slide

private playgrounds with a beautiful ball bath

Would you rather take the slide or the stairs? This House in Tokyo by the Japanese Studio level architects gives you the choice on each of the three floors. The stairs wrap around one side and the slide to the other. Another fun element is the small luminous ball bath.

Amazing indoor/outdoor House wall private playgrounds climbing wall at homeprivate playgrounds climbing wall for indoor and outdoors

private playgrounds a numerous and off course

Are you tired to use always the stairs? Then you climb from one to the other floor. The 3-way house in Tokyo by NAF architect & design contains a modern climbing wall as a Visual key element, which is located in a glass-enclosed courtyard, and can be seen from different rooms of the House.

Indoor Ferris wheel in a nursery private playgrounds with Ferris wheel In the room

A common bedroom has now become wheel with the installation of a huge travel to a child’s own Carnival. Unfortunately you can’t drive it, not turns the wheel, it is a creative way for storing toys. However, the travel wheel is an element in a colorful bedroom with a playful theme.

private playgrounds concrete slide instead of stairs concrete slide instead of stairs

This slide is not only an addition to the fun to this contemporary House in Indonesia by Aboday architects. It’s a pretty architectural feature of this House that winds up to the main living room. And the best part is that it is large enough for adults.

An underground House, full of playful functions exciting private playgrounds underground

private playground with pool

To height restrictions on building his custom house in London creative to solve, the architect Alex Michaelis has made the House partially underground. The modern, environmentally friendly House has created a climbing wall, a slide as an alternative to the stairs, and an indoor pool.

Tree house in a 540 acre mansion private playgrounds unique tree house as In the forest

A vast mansion on Washington Bainbridge Island, just across from Puget Sound, gives kids a fun feeling that they play outside during the many days of rain in this area. A real tree is a tree house in full size within the scope of the children of the House.

Tube slide in penthouse in New York City private playgrounds great Futirustische tube slide

Presenting at the same time a work of modern art, and also a fun and functional way, swirls this tube slide through the four floors of penthouse in New York City in the 19th century. The House is renovated and modernly furnished, a swing dangling high above the living room is equipped with climbing areas, has also a “nest”, similar to a Bauhaus, which is accessible via a bridge.

A House with a homemade roller coaster private playgrounds with self of made coaster

Did you have a roller coaster band in its own backyard? Jon Ivers has made even his own Stern band, called Blue Flash, which has 360-degree turns. The seat seems to be made from a salvaged car seat.

The 500,000 gallon backyard water park by Celine Dion private playgrounds with a beautiful Aqua Park

If you were a multi Millionairess like Celine Dion, you could have your own spacious water park in the backyard. The 20-million dollar provided mansion of the singer is on the Jupiter Island in Florida with a 500,000 gallon water playground with a massive spiral slide.

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