Professional Homestyle – Palm Springs Inspiration In Dallas

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professional Homestyle white and grey facade

Professional Homestyle through perfect teamwork

Today, we tell about two people, which are anyway wonderfully versed in Homestyle. He is a personal stylist at the company Nordstrom and she’s make up artist.

Their artistic skills were a springboard and have helped them much in in to create a wonderful transformation in her house from the year 1961, in Dallas. You have created an improvement of the landscaping, which was inspired by Palm Springs.

The interior design has an eclectic character, where Greg has incorporated the handmade furniture.

The House at a glance:

Who lives here: Greg and Chantal Hickman and their mixed-breed of Beagle and Boston Terrier named Lucy

Location: East Dallas

Size: 108 square meters, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Year of construction: 1961

Greg and Chantal had a budget of about 734 euros for the conversion of the exteriors and six months for the completion of the project. You have painted the tiles in dark grey and the cheerful coral white door. They then added a decorative painted screen, replacing the roller shutters. Opting for modern planters and capture of stainless steel has been the easy-care environment with the cool style, inspired from the middle of the 20th century.

Lucy resting on a sofa, which open-plan divides the room into two

professional Homestyle Cerulean couch retro

The 214-character has found the couple in a shop in Dolly Python. The figures are for the date of her engagement (Valentine’s day) and for the Vowahl of Dallas.

The Hickman have invested in a few pieces from the middle of the 20th century.

An example is this Club Chair, which is mixed with modern elements

professional Homestyle grey couch and arc lamp in steel

Lush green spots, such as the intricate character decorate the corners of the House

professional Homestyle wall art quilt drawing

This sideboard from the middle of the last century has served as a TV stand

professional Homestyle braided planter and hand blown glass vase

She got a modern character by adding the damask Flocktapette.

The kitchen was purchased fully equipped

professional Homestyle kitchen rear wall mosaic similar to

However, it appeared the couple not interesting enough. Greg has measured the wooden slats made of oak and painted them and has them is up front put on the counter. They now form a ravishing focal point.

Greg sold his hand-made furniture in Internet – curtains from West Elm

professional Homestyle digit in Orange and yellow on the wall

He has created a private wooden shelf.

It has acquired the purple gland on a drive to Marfa, Texas

professional Homestyle open bookcase

This is also one of the favorite destinations of the couple.

In the bedroom you will find a stunning accent wall. The two have created wall levels of recycled cane sugar.

The macramé trailer is also a chic accent piece

professional Homestyle soft padded stool with zig zag pattern

Memorabilia, taken by travel or other moments of adventure, decorate every room in the House

professional Homestyle table lamp with large light bulb

Camera they purchased the Polaroid in a graffiti Park during a trip to Austin.

So that the accent wall in white comes to the fore, it has painted the remaining walls in grey. The credenza in the middle of the 20th century is made of wood. Moody art surrounds the room.

The hardwood floors are original

professional Homestyle flat screen and the Middle century COMMODE

An additional bedroom serves many different purposes

professional Homestyle bicycle storage wood

The family used it for storing their bicycles and Home Office. You have increased maximum this room and have added storage space on the wall. The table is used by the two.

Greg has created the shelves made of rough cedar wood and the couple has purchased the table from an artist in Austin

professional Homestyle white Tulip chairs from plastic

By Rocky Garza, an other furniture designer from Dallas, Greg has created the dining table and benches

professional Homestyle wicker chairs from metal

These artists felt the taste of both perfectly.

Tin man has acquired many of the pieces on the next screen, how about this 7UP at the flea market

professional Homestyle of open Rollkontainer for firewood

Do you have someone in the family, with which you could make at home as a team effort in designing your home? Good partnership is always a great thing!

professional Homestyle simple dining table with long benches

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