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Properly plan room lighting

If you’re planning a functional room lighting at the construction or the renovation of the apartment, which enjoys a comfortable light atmosphere deserves at home. How do you plan a successful lighting but? We gather today for the answer to this question.

As the first, it is very important that you don’t miss the right time. As we have just mentioned, the lighting should be considered still in the construction of the apartment. Have you been not involved in it, then you miss the second most important moment – the renovation of the apartment or the specific area. Then exactly the complete electrical installation is planned and consequently all sockets, tealight holders, as well as ceiling and wall outlets. To avoid future costly repairs, let just experienced lighting professionals for advice.

Tips for a successful lighting design

light indirect lighting room lighting properly plan

For a precise lighting design to succeed you, we have listed the following important tips including. But, expert advice is highly recommended for optimum room illumination.

A precise lighting design includes three different light sources. These include the lighting, the background lighting and accent lighting.

The background lighting or indirect lighting is called, as do not recommend only source of light in the living room. The low contrast illumination, it can lead to rapid fatigue of the eyes. In combination with work lighting and accent lighting, it is however unbeatable. In areas where you don’t stay (for example in the hallway), the background illumination, however, is very convenient.

Accent lighting – provides various highlights in the area. The facility is even more interesting, because we can move certain objects or areas in the foreground so.

The lighting is important not only in the kitchen. She can donate the proper light as a reading lamp next to the couch. Floor lamps or lamps are perfect to complement the backlight and thus creating a lively illuminated living room.

If you follow this simple rule, appropriate to combine the three different light sources, then are you positively influence the spatial effect and enjoy a cozy atmosphere.

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