Provence Inspiration In Your Home

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Provence bed niche stone walls of round side table

Details, which give a Provence atmosphere to your home

Provence and France, as well as their mood were always accessible for other Europeans and for many people from around the world. You will feel attracted by the simple, but beautiful in their beauty items. What one notices first but later is that the Provence mood only emerges when one really in detail and super carefully thinks through everything.

Curtains leave Provence as much light as it gets

Provence Kristllkronleuchter Golden curtains

The French are not very shy of the character. The protection of privacy is certainly not the most important for them. It is much more significant that light in the room. Bright, drab curtains are the best choice here.

Beautiful and gentle flowers

Soft and beautiful flowers are the most important features of the Provence style. They may occur in the form of patterns on wallpaper and fabrics. You can be arranged nicely in wooden containers or glass jars.

Filigree flowers everywhere

neo-Baroque bedroom wallpaper filigree flowers

These beautiful useless items

If you want to get home to use principles of minimalism, Provence is certainly not your thing. A very important accessories, even those without a special function here is allocated.

If you want to achieve a fairly authentic Provence mood, then drag decorative bird cages in recital

Provence style setting up

Open shelves in all rooms

Is it possible somehow that the open shelves from Provence come? We have no specific evidence at all. But we have seen at the same time no other style, in which they look so nice here. Super typical is also the open exhibition of objects on the surface.

Commercial items as decorative elements

You love it in Provence, and it was just implied that the utility objects, such as cutlery and crockery as jewelry making. Decorative elements are these and even the food itself. You indicate us that everything in nature should be seen as a kind of gift and jewelry.

Wicker furniture

Well, these are not here certainly by the origin of Provence. But with its lightness, functionality and natural character they sign up perfectly. They are also perhaps that’s why so beautiful look because they transmit some of the garden atmosphere in the Interior.

The connection to the fresh nature has been more important for the Provence style

Provence Feistehender oven rattan furniture

Wrought iron furniture

Wooden tables with wrought iron legs are very important for the Provence. Both materials provide a natural look. Wood, this is done through the origin and the wrought iron by the form which is achieved.

Vintage mirror

With a Provence, all vintage style would find mirror, who do you love, but otherwise nowhere well register a usage. But perfect it would be lavender, dark – and light-blue, green, if you come here to use floral motifs in the main color scheme of Provence -.

Objects with history make up Provence-flair

Provence symbolizes many special features. This includes among other things the romance. It is connected with the great memories of beautiful enjoyable moments in the past. So look for items with broadcasting steeped in family history – no matter whether authentic or adapted. The bottom line is, of course, important.

Antique objects give the feel that certain something

neo-Baroque bathroom wooden chest wall lamp

Household textiles

At the end, we want to go up to the point of home textiles. The handmade in natural colours and textures, where again the aforementioned nuances – lavender, light and dark blue, and green play an essential role, should be sources of inspiration.

The claw foot bathtub perfectly fits the Provence style

Provence bathroom claw foot bathtub white floor tiles

Light grey and yellow – a great colour combination

Provence yellow walls chandelier

Light green walls in the kitchen

neo-Baroque green walls open shelves

Wrought iron and stone

Provence light blue kitchen cabinets

Woven baskets and plants

neo-Baroque wooden planks chest of drawers baskets

Modern fireplace and furniture in neo-Baroque style

Provence neo-Baroque fireplace seating

Rustic and cosy

Provence candle holders green pillow

White background and wicker chairs

neo-Baroque Wicker white coffee table wood planks

Bright kitchen cabinets and arcades

Provence cuisine arcades gas cooker

Filigree ornaments decorate the kitchen cabinets and the hood

Provence cuisine Wieße cabinets Gerstreifte walls

Provence meet modern style

neo-Baroque open roof beams white brick wall

Rattan chairs and sturdy dining table

neo-Baroque rattan chairs white furniture

Copper and wrought iron are inevitably to the Provence style

Provence stone floor wrought iron chairs chandelier

Casual and modern at the same time

neo-Baroque sisal carpet bedroom striped wallpaper

Romance on the terrace

Provence covered terrace dining table

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