Quiet Cool House, Located In The Downtown Toronto

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quiet cool house design living room painting fresh Interior

Quiet cool House, located in the downtown Toronto

After a long walk around the world, you can enjoy a space best

Taylor Russell had seen many apartments in the attic. Your job in the Communications Department she has changed their place of residence every four months. She had visited many places in Barbados, Kuwait, Pakistan and Spain. She has experience with hundreds of different living areas. During this time, she could find their way to style most appropriate for them.

She felt better in more open, airy spaces. She has always enjoyed their welcoming atmosphere especially when they were embellished by interesting accent furniture or other details.

She loves also places with conversion potential, places where one can a day resting and at the other – organize a Coctailparty where.

After a more tiring trip, she announced her job on a pay phone at an airport in 2007. She was on her way from Kuwait to Jamaica. She has booked a one-way ticket to your hometown Toronto and decided during the flight to purchase of a House.

The owner was one of you four days later in the building be Eden apartment at the King West District. The apartment is somewhat greater than 380 square meters. It has over two bath and bedroom.

Taylor Russell had visited many places in Kuwait, Pakistan, Spain and Barbados

quiet cool house design living room painting sculptures

Russel not completely abandoned the trips around the world. Now it makes you in a different way, namely by the kind of design. Their parents had a strong influence on interior design.

You did that with many gifts: now, whose paintings and sculptures throughout the region are distributed. Both also have the appropriate experience. The mother was employed before retirement as a designer and her father is the owner of the company. B.B. Bargoon’s. This is a well known Designgeschäft in Toronto. The couple reached a comfortable and nice interior design.

Russell explains the idea behind the design methods continue to their parents. You would create no order like in a Museum, but an area where everyone feels comfortable and happy invites guests and maintains. The House is full of wonderful pieces from around the world and each has its own history.

Russell is resting on the sofa that comes from your mother’s business. The area is a paradise for the dog owners of the downtown with its six nearby parks and easy access to the water. The couple enjoys these benefits fully.

quiet cool house design red tulips flower vases Russell was on the warm atmosphere in the winter, and the cool in the summer

She had opted for a palette of Brown and white nuances and has supplemented them with a hint of blue in the bathroom. The many plants in the form of beautiful illustrations provide year-round fresh. The mother of Russell is the author of flower images.

See the large coffee table with a metal base on the road. Now, he is a wonderful part of the interior design.

The stone mantel comes from the House of Russell’s childhood!

quiet cool house design rustic fireplace mantel decoration pictures

The shelf next to the staircase serves as a display area of some items such as artifacts and other objects

quiet cool house design dressing table mirror frame gold plated feminine elements such as the framed mirror contrast with rustic, industrial pieces. Very original are the letters from rusted wood, right?

Russell’s office space located under the stairs

quiet cool house design rustic floor lamp classic ornaments staircase

It has a drinking glass of the kind Tkaro together with your sister. This serves here as a flower vase. Petite, slender and seemingly very modern elements are combined here with classical music from the middle of the last century.

The cuisine is highly modern

quiet cool house design kitchen stove bar stools sink

There is combined kitchen white cabinets and kitchen countertops made of granite

quiet cool house design kitchen marble look desktop

The dining area – solid wood table with metal chairs

quiet cool house design kitchen solid dining table wood

The Gallery at the entrance contains Russell’s own photographic works

quiet cool house design of large mirror floor kitchen area

It has taken on, while she was abroad, you. Around the corner you will find a number of old-fashioned flower vases.

As regards the district, he is from the point of view of Russell’s also perfectly. It is located close to downtown and to the major highways. On these, you can quickly reach the environment and make very nice trips.

You can reach on foot the most good restaurants.

A weathered American flag represents a striking showcase of

quiet cool house design bedroom American style flag

Russell has saved space by bringing in the workplace under the stairs. Now, she has transformed a beautiful space as a bed and breakfast.

The bedroom was incorporated in the roof construction

quiet cool house design bedroom double bed headboard chandelier it is therefore wider than the living area below. She acquired a fabulous chandelier in a small Mexican town. quiet cool home design concrete ceiling desk drawer tablethe great bathroom includes a a large window that opens to the bedroom

quiet cool house design white mirror bathroom sink

A pleasure, on possibilities for entertainment out there and is comfortable living inside – this is the House of Russell. Is there a better combination? Is this not the perfect apartment? That really appreciate just a person who has lived for years in hotels!

We wish you continued good luck in your well-deserved home Russel

quiet cool home design concrete mirror frame wood bathroom

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