Raumtrenner Curtain Ideas – The Walls Replace…

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Raumtrenner curtain small apartment long curtains

Ideas completely replace the walls in this apartment Raumtrenner curtain

Today we present a small apartment you, which could be described as absolutely unique and absolutely by default from different points of view. It is very compact and thus typical of the current lifestyle of most people.

Functional fashion the small apartment

Raumtrenner curtain small apartment design living room dining room

It is also now very common that you are looking for unique variants of original and super functional establishment in such surroundings. But against the background of this innovative concept it might be considered fancy and unusual, that you completely replaced the walls with curtains.

Raumtrenner curtain: A charming solution

If you choose in the room divider curtain solution, then you certainly achieved one: the atmosphere is charming, magical and charming. In addition, it saves so much space! Everything seems far and wide!

By long curtains you can separate different areas in the room

Raumtrenner bedroom closet curtains

Public and private zone

In this apartment you can see a clearly defined division in a public and private area. Living room, kitchen and dining room make up the first. The private sector includes bathroom, toilet and laundry.

The curtains give the bedroom a fresh look

Raumtrenner small apartment functional design curtains use

The wardrobe with long curtains make stealthy

Raumtrenner wardrobe it's down bedroom set

Meaningful use of the small space

Raumtrenner small apartment bedroom yellow wall long curtains

Living room has been converted into a bed and breakfast

In this small apartment two elements can be seen, which make up the super original and own character. The room divider curtain is one concept that gives you a floating and airy atmosphere. The other is the desire to be able to convert the living in a guest room at any time.

An atypical solution with curtains for the living room

Raumtrenner curtain small apartment functional curtains

Convert the living room in bed and breakfast

Raumtrenner curtain living room curtains

Practical solutions for small areas

Raumtrenner curtain living room design curtains instead of walls

To satisfy the last condition, the designers chose a rather unconventional approach, which also use the possibilities of the forehands as a room divider. You simply drag them forward, thus forming an absolutely independent zone.

Kitchen and dining room

These are the last two areas, we want to pay special attention. They are very well lit. In the evening there is a special atmosphere here but, then one should draw the curtains. It has integrated a folding table. So logically, it saves space and can sit comfortably but if this is necessary.

To create functional furniture for the small kitchen to

Raumtrenner curtain living room convert curtains bed and breakfast

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