Refresh Your Home With Few Resources!

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Practical decorating tips for the small purse

The Interior of the home is usually according to the individual wishes and preferences of the resident – but so beautifully and lovingly also set up your own four walls, eventually look mostly at her home residents fed up and looking for something completely new. A new look you need, which must be not necessarily expensive, but for unusual impressions ensures, for example, with colors or patterns. For this, you can be active and redecorate your home with beautiful ideas. The new wallpaper, the editing of old furniture or the so-called Upcycling, the possibilities are numerous and provide something for virtually every taste.

Colours, shapes and fabrics

Would not completely new upside down your home, despite all but put a few exciting accents, so consider necessarily your home textiles for interior design. Because table runners, curtains or carpet can be comparatively easy to replace with a new model and abruptly change the atmosphere of a room – who would like to go one step further, which can newly obtain also furniture such as, for example, the sofa. Professionally this is taken over by an interior decorator who wants to save the money, which can access but also to a sofa cover, a so-called cover. Or would you relate your sofa instead completely on your own? With little craftsmanship and the appropriate materials, also it is possible.

Some rolls of elastic therapeutic tape of different colors, pink and two different shades of blue, on A white background

The following materials are needed for:

Lining – here simple lines is the best in neutral white.
For the Outer fabric solid substances should be used fabric – which can be selected according to their preferences.
Padded fleece or padding – in good hardware stores are padded fleece or padding available
In addition: steel pins, tape measure, tailor’s chalk, dressmaker shears, hammer
Now, it’s the preparation. The fabric should be sized first generously so in the meantime the material runs out. For this purpose the Umlegesaum is counting, later used to attach. All substances such as also the upholstery material are now roughly cut into shape.
To note, is that first the inside surfaces of the side lines, then the inside of the backrest and only at the end of the seat, the sides and the floor should be involved. Also the padding must the tension cords Center be placed on, then smooth painted and cut off at the edge. Then is pulled taut in the lining, the surrounding edges are turned and finally attached to the frame with a blue button – as steel pins are also called – all 50-60 mm. Then, the upper cover is attached. The installation of the outer shell fabric does not differ basically from the bottom cover, although here the edges are turned once again to a clean surface on the floor. A more detailed guide to the obtaining of the own sofa offers, for example, DaWanda with the following video:

Colors, shapes, and patterns are not only limited to textiles, but can shine even more furniture in new splendour. You have a creative streak, then give this easy free rein and a great eye-catcher to decorate your chosen piece of furniture with different colours – represent, for example, self-painted ornaments, which can be applied in classic black or a different vibrant color. This is useful especially for wooden furniture, which should be accessible here best to special varnish. Films represent another alternative, which are glued on the desired piece of furniture and allow a rapid transformation. Alternatively also wall stickers can be used, which are also self adhesive and on many surfaces. They are now available in almost innumerable variations. This guide provides useful tips and tricks for the mounting of furniture. Virtually to this method as opposed to the direct colorization: the pattern is no longer like so it can be removed easily, so that the chest of drawers, the Cabinet or other furniture if needed again and again can get a new look.

Upcycling – from old new!

The so-called Upcycling is unused or broken to make something new and useful. Thus, the Upcycling is an important signal to our today’s throwaway society in which much more garbage than necessary is produced. Among other things, such as home-made furniture from wooden pallets can be or wine crates make, but also old books, packaging or no longer used items of clothing can be transformed into something completely new with some skill. Your own favorite parts that are otherwise not come into its own, can be so upgraded and newly interpreted – so, individual pieces can be created with a very special charm.

home Upcycling ideas stained wooden boxes plant stand

Basically almost every household has the one or the other thing, which is offered for the Upcycling. Canned or even broken bed sheets may include, but offered also jewelry boxes and bags, old plates and much more. Nothing like home who can shop also in the Junk shop or second hand and of course on the flea market used odds and ends look. For example, here , there are some impressions for creative Upcycling – be inspired!

Work on old furniture

Another, not entirely dissimilar variant is the special treatment of pieces of furniture in the so-called ‘Shabby-chic style”also the Upcycling. This is a currently popular style in which furniture become aware of on old trimmed. Natural or artificially induced signs of use, about how burst off paint, old-fashioned patterns or seemingly untreated and rough wood, are characteristic for this style of living. These are combined with accessories that are valuable or antique. Also shimmering materials are an integral part, which ultimately creates an unmistakably feminine touch with an elegant style. Among more beautiful has some nice ideas for implementation.

home Upcycling Shabby Chic Chouchtisch old metal chest style


Delicate and mostly dull colors are typical for the style Shabby Chic, bright colors or even neon tones do not fit, however, into the image. In particular pastels such as Rosé, turquoise, sky blue, violet, or yellow are used, they are combined with delicate shades of grey, but also beige and off-white are typical elements of the color world of shabby chic. This colour mix can further refine by shimmering accessories such as crystal chandeliers, sequin pillow, or silver vases, small highlights from the flora such as hydrangea, lilac blossoms and Peony for the special eye-catcher.

home old Dresser refreshing pastel colors


The materials are the Shabby Chic not to despise. Preferred, can here older or already used things, for example, on whitewashed wood or recourse in the years come lines. Because the style is spread especially homely atmosphere, also comfortable fabrics such as velvet, silk and cotton fit perfectly. Also homemade finds here you have his place – so something knitted or crocheted home, so can this with are brought to. Other crafts such as mouth-blown glass or self-burnt ceramic ideal fit, but also paper wallpapers romantic floral prints fit well into the overall picture. Above all it is the attention to detail, alike the style makes also clear that must be not perfect the living and life – are therefore also allowed individual pieces of plastic or metal and can be easily integrated into the colorful style.

Home DIY interior design crocheted stool cotton bedspread pillow

Motifs and patterns

Applies to the pattern motifs: if they have a history, so they fit well to the Shabby chic. Whether floral or tendrils, ornaments or oriental rugs, plaids stripes – here everything finds its place and should be mixed according to your heart’s content. Important here: colour the pattern should themselves do not bite and fit into the overall concept.

Who wants to be active yourself, can take it as a really old and no longer nice cupboard and turn this into a stylish Shabby-Chic piece with few resources. The following video shows how this works:

Create atmosphere with light

Also through the use of light a whole new atmosphere allow you to quickly and easily create. It is comfortable, if only individual areas of a room, as illuminated by LED lights, real candles or small lamp shades. Also lights to set up are a nice idea and a punctual lighting. Another variant would be the use of indirect light, which is not only friendly to the eye, but will highlight certain areas. Here LED strips are offered, which are positioned behind the sofa or in a display case. Who invests a few euros more, which can rely also on LEDs, changing even the color button. The light color is also not to be underestimated when it comes to the mood: so white stands for a cool atmosphere, while orange and yellow work dynamically and sociable. Is used in the blue and turquoise bathroom , so the unspectacular wet-room reminds quickly at a Wellness Spa and by soft pink or cream tones can be transform a room into a relaxing retreat.

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