Relaxed Atmosphere Creativity: Bedroom Design With Feng Shui

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What is the ancient doctrine of harmony?

The bedroom is oasis of tranquillity and a place to relax and dream. Not only functional, but with careful consideration to set up a very important space, can cause some headaches. So that all your senses are addressed, it helps you to be aligned with the old Asian practice of Feng Shui . This is to give you a complete sense of well-being in your own four walls. Flow of life called Chi or Qi, and it depends on precisely this flow of energy in Feng Shui. Harmony of color, form and material not the furnishing style is crucial, but the placement of furniture and home accessories, so that you feel safe and secure in your bedroom. This is the case, sleep better, come morning faster momentum and stay more in balance. Because if you feel uncomfortable in your apartment, Chi can flow properly.

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Chi is undisturbed in the River, you feel better – to based Feng Shui apartment optimization. Imagine Chi as a dancing figure, that is constantly in motion, which resonates through the doors, and again a few laps in your room. Anything that has sharp edges and sharp corners that may interfere with Chi. Clear lines and gentle curves, however, create a balanced atmosphere that supports recovery. A certain order and clarity as well help: storing your stuff in wardrobes, dressers and chests, but not under your bed. This piece of furniture is the focal point of your bedroom and should allow Chi from all sides. Ensure that located the head under shelves or roof beams and you stretch out directly in the passage between the window and door on your rest camp. A “power position” of the bed, in the head on a smooth wall in a protected niche is recommended.

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You should have the door in sight and not in the back. Everything has a positive effect on your physical and mental condition, has a stimulating effect on the intimate activities in your bedroom. Supposedly the “traditional love corner”, from the bedroom door is front right. There are trained experts who believe Feng Shui , singles that precisely accommodate their bed, would increase their chances on a partner and in this way in a sense “call him”. Has a not too hard mattress bed and is equipped with plush pillows, this exactly corresponds to the ideas of Feng Shui. Lumber, dirty or drying laundry, ironing boards or computer are banished from the bedroom so that it optimally suitable for recharge of energy and to the sensual love cave. Give the preferred furniture made from natural materials such as wood or rattan , sleeping in bed linen made from natural fibres. Make a large silk cushion for the back if you want to sit comfortably in bed or drop again.

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Wear sleepwear cotton, Cambric or silk – who goes in the sagging from T-Shirt to bed, which takes old worries there. To make can freely unleash your erotic imagination, it is advisable to accommodate the TV in the bedroom as discreetly as possible. When choosing a color, Feng Shui tends to cool shades with weak color saturation that exude calm. Erotic red or orange should be used only selectively. Their impact could put in unrest, while you urgently need to relax. Shades of blue, tinted white, beige or Matt green are a good choice. In the bedroom you spend about a third of your life so it is important to sleep individually preferred direction for you. Belong to the so-called Eastern Group, should embed the head in the South or South-East, East or North? Among the Western Group, that sleeps best with the head of the West or Southwest, Northwest or Northeast? If you don’t know for sure, you can find out your best sleeping direction using the classical Feng Shui-“East-West system”.

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Mirrors should be attached directly to the bed in the bedroom. The permanent reflection provides too much activity (Yang-Qi), which has a disruptive effect on you. Feng Shui writes to the same effect also large green plants as well as indoor fountains. This place of rest also needs equipment to the blackout curtains or blinds. However, Feng Shui equates sleep mostly with Yin Qi, which stands for the introverted and expresses himself in darkness and silence. In this respect you do yourself a favor and make your bed on a wall in the commonly-used water or heating pipes run. Since already an almost inaudible noise can prevent you subliminally to find sleep. Some Feng Shui rules can be applied in small, narrow spaces easily. You can however ensure that wall tabs or similar with the corners on you show. Feng Shui assumes Chi would thus adversely bundled. Substances can weaken some interference, and with a rearrangement of the furniture, you can also reach much. The more you are deal with Feng Shui, the more internalize the findings of this traditional far-eastern teachings and learn to implement.

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