Renovate Apartment: 10 Aspects You Need To Critically Examine

10 tips, which you must consider very critically at an apartment renovation

Myths and false perceptions are a source of bad mistakes, which are often committed in apartment renovations. Different people have different approaches. What has worked well in one, can lead to a complete disaster for another. There are people who believe that they are ready at home after a renovation to give good advice to others. That’s true but not always. Many widespread tips must be critically considered and tested. If you blindly follow them, you can achieve a negative effect.

Here is the list with the tips you should consider very critically. Remember it well!

Apartment renovate: what should you consider in advance?

apartment renovate end result of Wohzimmer Setup sofa pink staircase

Expensive materials increase the value of your home

Many expensive materials are perhaps to impress your visitors, but does not really increase the value of your home. No matter how beautiful a new apartment is furnished, new residents want to rebuild usually these according to their own tastes.

Therefore, the value of the materials available has no great significance. These are like luxurious accessories, you can not but take to a new location.

Practical wooden shelves: maximum use the surface of the wall

apartment Wall shelves wood renovate corner corner shelves

One should follow the trends

The design trends exist and make sense in many contexts. At the same time, it is obvious, that they constantly change. Opt therefore for a design that impresses you personally and with which you can identify over time, even though his fashion is at some point over.

The new design should fit your needs exactly

apartment remodel open living room wood kitchen with dining area

You need to hide the wall cracks on any price

Not unnecessarily see panicking because of wall cracks. Most are the result of minor changes in the building construction. You do not indicate an excessive risk. If you are really concerned, you can be by a civil engineer or architect for advice. Who will explain also learned, whether it is necessary to have an observation of wall cracks and other defects in the long run.

What to do when wall cracks?

apartment Remodel kitchen herb garden wall decoration

Alone do not too many things

If you are not professionally engaged in renovations, do too much alone. There are things that are carried out by professionals in cheaper. Not to regret the cost paid for it.  However, the qualitative work will yield sustainable results and is cheaper in the long run. You will have much less stress on them which is so priceless.

Lay laminate – you can do it yourself

apartment set renovating laminate kitchen flooring

Are you also able ceiling plaster and paint?

apartment renovated ceiling effects Paint 3D

A pool in the garden of my house will make more expensive

This is similar to the materials. Many people live with the conviction that investing in a pool at a resale, will repeatedly pay off. This actually involves many factors. In colder regions it is little use the pool and that’s why you pay a surcharge averse because it gives him. However, a pool brings higher costs. In some cases, it would be conceivable, you would even remove the pool to use the space for something else. You should only build a pool in the garden, when he brings you value in life and not to increase the price of your piece of real estate. Because the latter is extremely doubtful.

When is a garden pool a sound investment?

apartment renovated open kitchen with pool price performance ratio

Green innovations are very expensive

In principle, it is so that the investment in green innovation is great. But you know, that it is worthwhile thanks to the small utility bills. Actually, installation, it is necessary for electricity and energy saving are cheaper and more accessible every day. Look around so on the market, and it may be that the difference between modern, environmentally-friendly solutions and those that consume more power, is not so much big. So you have no reason in this the second way to invest!

Living room-fireplace instead of air conditioning

energy-saving innovations renovate apartment living room fireplace instead of air conditioning

Not all materials should you buy at once

You should take more time in the planning. You would not cheaper come out if you step by step to buy the materials. The latter belief is very common, but it is actually wrong.  In a well-planned renovation one knows, how much you actually need everything in advance. If you buy all together, get even better discounts.

Step by step plan the apartment renovation

home renovating materials not at once to buy

You can install a wallpaper anytime, anywhere

The wallpaper are always a good idea, if you want to freshen up a room. But, you cannot correct any possible errors or hide and not everywhere fit in the wallpaper. Well, you must consider whether and where you use them. Depending on the context, you can perfect and stylish, or act but also unnecessary and cheap.

The walls wallpaper or paint better? -Make a decision!

apartment remodel bedrooms ideas wallpapers

Similarly, it looks with the wall paint. This is not always the best solution to hide wall defects or to bring more freshness to the room. Before you do this, you should analyze well if that’s the best idea.

Creative 3D Wall decoration in the bathroom

housing renovation 3D wall concrete wall

Another room is always better than a bath

That can be in many cases but not in others. You must achieve a balance between width and comfort. If you have plenty of space, but not really well set up this arises a feeling of emptiness, of disorder and feel at home anymore. If the next time you build something, you must consider good, whether you need more living space or whether it should be more convenient to your apartment.

Transform the bathroom into a relaxing well-being

apartment remodel bathroom ideas bathroom sink

Renovations are more important than this inside out

Most of our readers live in cold climates. You spend little time outdoors, because the cooler seasons are here longer. Therefore, it assumes that the renovations inside require more effort in the House and that you should invest less out there. You can see it another way: just because summer is so short, and because he brings us so much joy and pleasure, you must create the conditions for this out correctly to be able to enjoy the warm weather. Ultimately it depends on, how comfortable you feel in your own House. You should not underestimate the anticipation of summer, which comes through the perfect garden design. In addition, many attachments increase the purchase price of the House. Pergola and other superior buildings insulate the Interior and ensure that we feel comfortable also in winter.

Don’t forget the outdoor!

apartment renovated garden outdoor porch build

Provide more comfort outdoors

apartment remodel outdoor cozy wooden porch

The listed and commented tips are not fundamentally wrong. They are just, as I said just now, to think critically and to check, because they aren’t necessarily helpful in any case. This is true but always, if taking over ready-made formulas and want to apply them themselves. Learn to check all the tips and tricks for validity in your personal case!

Main thing: You are with the end result freeze

apartment Remodel kitchen design before and after