Romantic Design With A Bathtub In The Bedroom

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bath bedroom Valentine's day romantic duvet white surfacesExquisite furnishing solution for all refined tastes

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and this post is therefore aimed at a romantic theme. It’s about the sensual atmosphere, which will spread a bath tub in your bathroom. This design trend is becoming more popular in the honeymoon suites, romantic holiday destinations, and even houses.

If you would choose as an extra, you could move from your bed directly in the hot tub. It’s a communal place for you and your pet. The local article, you will see gorgeous bathroom with baths, which range from modern to traditional designs.

Bath with viewsBathtub in the bedroom

romantic design with a bathtub In the bedroom

Nothing is so romantic and luxurious like a bathtub with a spectacular view. You can enjoy these without having to leave the comfort of the bedroom. If you live in the mountains or in the countryside, and your privacy is protected well enough, you could then place your bathtub in the bedroom close to the window.

Nothing can be more relaxing than the diving in paradise

bedroom bath romantic lighting

You can equip you with a stylish wood covering. You could store wine glasses, magazines or a book. If your bathtub that is not appropriate, you could position a teak wood Chair or a side table in the vicinity of this.

There, you could store also the towel and the candy. [according to Edwin pepper Interiors via Houzz]

This room is super suitable for relaxation. Add candles and soothing lighting, which will serve for relaxation. This will be appear here as this small room your bedroom as a safe haven. [according to shed]

romantic design candles bath bedroom

From the bathtub, you can enjoy a view to Sydney, Australia. She is super fit for a King or a Princess.  If ever, waking up in a room that is luxurious, bathing in it is certainly as extravagant to call. [according to Gerstner Architects]

Natural sunlight in the apartment

romantic design bathtub In the bedroom

The modern room here, located outside the bathtub. That’s what I call “open living plan”. [according to Marshall architect]

How about a living room without walls

romantic design minimalist bathtub In the bedroom idea

A bath suitable for the city of

romantic design bathtub In the bedroom art

Even without a gorgeous view, you and your favorite person will surely enjoy the bath tub in the bedroom. Even if she was not placed in the window, she can look good. For example, you could create a romantic and cosy corner.

In this House, the romantic floor to ceiling tiles provide a modern rural appearance. The pink flowers in the corner might be regarded as a romantic stage element for Valentine’s day. [according to a compose Inc of kind of]

The beautiful bathroom/bedroom combination of Ecologia is not only gorgeous, but also environmentally friendly. It’s the first building in Motreal, Canada, which has received the special Platinium LED certificate. Even the bathtub was created from Kompositamaterialien bio-based. [according to Ecologia via Houzz]

Bathtub in the middle of the room

bath bedroom bar ceiling wood

Rustic and minimalist in the bedroom

bedroom bath original Valentine's day romantic

The stone floor under the bath here is a great design element and is very functional in terms of runoff. Drag a wall-mounted Cabinet for the cloths into consideration. [according to Skeppsholmen]

The beautiful bedroom here is the ideal solution if you want to create a private area home with beautiful views

romantic design candles bath tub In the bedroom carpet

Thanks to the glass railing, one has an almost seamless connection to the outside. However, this is still enough, to secure your privacy. [according to Pangaea interior design]

Ultimately, it takes but a little separation in life

romantic design candles bath tub In the bedroom railing glass

You can use a glass wall but also in this case for the gain of an open feeling. [according to Rudolfsson Alliker Associates architects]

The relaxing feeling can be enhanced only by a romantic bath in the bedroom . Your room can feel like a spa or bathroom.

So why decide together with your lover to a gift for both of them together that you can offer is actually getting back to the new.

romantic design candles soft bathtub In the bedroom carpet soft carpet in white enlivened the atmosphere

Metallic surfaces add to shine

bath bedroom romantic Valentine's day quilt metallic

Dark bedding adds elegant drama

bath bedroom Valentine's day romantic duvet

Floor to ceiling mirror wall

bath bedroom romantic Valentine's day bed cover wood flooring

A cozy interiors for vain ladies

bath bedroom romantic Valentine's day bed cover compact

Romantic Valentine’s day with rose petals in the bath

bath bedroom Valentine's day romantic duvet rose petals

Clearly and tastefully

bath bedroom romantic Valentine's day blanket round

Day bed with velvet padding

bath bedroom Valentine's day romantic duvet curtains

Glass partition wall separates the bathroom from the bedroom

bath bedroom romantic Valentine's day quilt wall lamps

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